Giant Toblerone

It’s not new, but what the hell it’ll take the bare look off the place as I’ve got no time this week to write up the trip. Aye, there was a trip. I only came across these photies because I had to rescue the contents of an old external hard drive as I was looking for something else and they were on there too. I say rescue as while the drive itself was all silver alloy and black plastic full of useful stuff, the power supply had shat the bed.
After a little online searchery it turns out that it’s a common problem and the remedy is a troublesome one as the power supplies have different numbers of pins on the plug and are really difficult to get a hold of anyway. So, according to the wisdom of the internet forum dwellers (Ha), what you do is heat the power supply on a radiator, switch it on after a while and once the whole thing is glowing red hot plug it into the drive and it’ll stay on. Holy shit it worked.
Five bastard hours it took to get everything off the drive, onto the laptop and then onto another drive. I’d be lying if I said I was sitting watching it all happen, but since I was aware that it was happening I felt the stress of every file moving to its new home via the change of flights in Bontempi 2.
Now cold, the old power supply is dead again. Screw you hippy.


7 thoughts on “Giant Toblerone”

  1. Take the caddy to bits and remove the hard-drive. It is now available to either go into a PC or Laptop via another external caddy or direct. Happy to assist if required.


    P.S. Nice Photies!

  2. Never too proud to ask for help, I’ll keep the offer in mind!

    Old photies always bring a grin. The top one is the Arrochar Alps from a camp on Ben Lomond and the other is the regular A82 roadside view of the Black Mount. Which I’ll be passing shortly :o)

  3. Happened to me several times with some Western Digital drives. I agree with Haggistom. Just take the drive out and throw the caddy away. Then you can just plug it straight into your PC if you’ve got the spare connectors. Alternatively I bought a brilliant wee kit for £15 that allows you to connect either SATA or IDE drives straight to a USB port – invaluable!

    Oh aye, hills and that…

  4. This all rings a bell, I’ve got a thing for plugging the drive somewhere, we got when the old pc went tits up.
    I shall rummage.

    Hills and that, aye. Someone said to me this was an outdoor blog once but I never believed them.

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