Ghost, Lakes, Gear, Home.

I’m burst.

I went to see Ghost last night at the Glasgow O2 which was a good choice. Gojira who were on before them had a some decent bits and pieces going on, but a terrible sound and the need to put blastbeats into songs that had no need for them had me looking at my watch and around at the crowd who were largely young folk standing around a 2/3 full venue. Status Quo filled it two nights in a row ten days ago, the old folk win.
Ghost were awesome frankly, I was worried about the sound, but for them it was loud and pretty clear. The band are so damned tight, heaviness coated in hymn-like melodic vocals. The presentation is outstanding, with an old school stage show (and incense burners…) and a band made annonymous by cowls and masks. Not dull to watch at all, you can see personalities emerging as they play which was interesting, and Papa Emeritus II on vocals is just genius.
A unique band and an unforgettable experience. So many of the young folk in the crown didn’t get it. I like that, as you get older you worry that you get all mainstream without noticing. It’s not happening here yet.

I’d met up with two of my buddies and after getting them home, then me home and showered, I had hours enough left for sleep that I could count on one hand.
I was so worried that I’d sleep in I woke up before my alarm and stuck the kettle on far too far before six. Then I hit the road for the Lakes.
I got to Staveley half an hour early, that’s including a stop on the way for a cuppa and a roll on bacon. I’m never early for anything, I was scared. However, the girls of The North Face were ready and we had a fine time fannying around with gear stuff which I’ll have up shortly, including some rather nice new Primaloft fill that thinks it’s down. Interesting. I have a hoody full of it on test, more soon.
I could have made a dash north, but I swung by Inov8 to say hello and as it turned out my timing was good, so I spend the rest of the day looking over their new clothing, shoes and scarily light packs. I raised eyebrows, enthused and took photies. More on that soon also.

I got as far as Annandale services on the way back and had to stop for a cuppa. I’ve had a cold for days and the snotters were blinding me, what’s new, and even the voices in my head were slurred I was so tired.
I got home in the dark, caught the wee yin before she went to bed now I’ve got a second wind. Too tired to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

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