Getting out of the chair

I was speaking to a pal tonight that I haven’t spoken to in a wee while. It was good, we both had much news to share.

We also had some fine mountain adventures before he had an accident that he came away from with one less limb. It hasn’t been easy for him, and there is no immediate end in sight for the incident to have Case Closed stamped on it. A constant state of waiting. With the internal elastic at full stretch.

This was us a few years ago on Beinn Dorain

We talked about when we’re getting out again, soon it looks like now. The scale and altitude we can work on.

It’s the same for us all. It’s not whether it’s the Eiger or the local park, it’s getting out of the chair.

2 thoughts on “Getting out of the chair”

  1. I hope your mate gets out again soon ptc*. Back in 2000 a friend of mine lost an arm (and almost lost his life), electrocuted in a steel works. Before that he was an excellent walker, climber, skier, caver, mountain biker… remarkably quickly after it he turned out to still be a bloody amazing walker, skier and mountain biker…. truly inspirational!! :)

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