Gerber Curve

This week has been all about gear. I was two days down south at showrooms in the Lakes and Lancaster seeing stuff I’ve never seen before and some from brands I’ve never met before either. Plenty surprises in amongst it all.
That’s all coming soon, but yesterday I was through at Silva’s UK offices with Bobinson to have a look at some bits and pieces. So, I’m starting small with something from that…

That wee thing is a Gerber Curve, and my question “Is this just a promo novelty item?” was replied with a definite “No”. So I’ve got one in for test to prove it’s real life credentials.
It’s a practical wee bugger, having a lockable blade, screwdrivers, a file, a bottle opener, a karabiner style clip and it comes in at only 24g of stainless steel. Add that it’s exactly 2¼” long when folded and it really is a magic wee stowaway in your pack.
I always carry a tool, it used to be a big Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, and more recently a Gerber STL 2.0, but for the next trip the Curve will replace both that and the cardboard nail file that I carry, which yes I have used many times. Burst fingernails catch on everything…

14 thoughts on “Gerber Curve”

  1. Looks like a pair of scissors would make it a possible replacement for my own Victorinox, although I’d be sad to leave it behind as it has been on some great adventures. Having said that the locking blade would swing it…

  2. £13 or so from what I could find – wouldn’t mind carrying that to be fair. My 20 odd year old Swiss Army thing is started to show its age :-(

  3. A nail file is vital kit!

    I think I’ll have to stick a lanyard on this, it’s awfy wee. Scissors I also have separately, they fold up the size of a 50p. Handy indeed.

  4. The third blade down seems to have a file built in.

    If you have to carry a separate nail file, try a tungsten point file or a diamond nail file (more expensive). These are light, small and will not only last forever but can render any knife blade surgically sharp, etch glass and do a host of other wonderful and vaguely destructive things.

  5. think im leaning towards the gerber crucial at the moment, little bit bigger than the cuve but at 90g not too heavy…oh and it comes in green

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