Gearing up again.

Outdoor gear has always been a big part of these pages and it’s been as absent as I have. Hey, if the hills are pissing me off I’m not even looking at what I’m using never mind typing an opinion on it. But, this has left me with many months of gear use and showroom visits of which I have said nothing. I can either pretend none of it happened and start again or I can backtrack and write reviews of everything.
I’m going for the latter option. Aye, some stuff is out of season and might be discontinued or whatever, but what the hell, I’m going to pick it out, photograph it and say things about it. There will be in depth reviews, mini reviews and quite possibly just a sentence or two about things I used last winter and didn’t fancy that much. It’ll be fun. Maybe.
I’ll get it all out of the way and then get on with this winter’s kit, new gear, new brands to these pages and mountains to sleep on top of with it. Plus, have you seen all the adverts for men’s autumn winter fashion? Big beards and denim is in, I’m ahead of the curve for the first time in ages. Let’s rock!
First review coming up later, I’ll start with something simple I think. In the meantime here’s a photie of Gus demonstrating Haglofs U-turn when they decided not to discontinue the Rugged Mountain pants after all. Mind you, that was for spring summer this year, guess I’ll just bypass that ancient showroom visit and go straight to this winter’s Haglofs gear in a day or two?

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