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I remember the accusations of “sellout” when I got a Jetboil in for test and liked it. It’s a fantastic bit of kit the Flash I’ve got and Jetboil are expanding the range.

Above are the new Sumo’s in aluminium and titanium flavours. These are 1.8L pots designed to expand the regular Jetboil format into a system for group cooking. They’ll take a whole new Sol system inside (titanium version below with a wistful looking Si from Lyon Equipment) and also seen there is the Sumo Companion Bowl Set which will work as cups or storage.
Everything is insulated with a neoprene sleeve, the pot lids are update with drainage holes to my Flash lid and the burner now comes with a gas regulator, a concept I already approve of.
 The Sumo is big, but for two it’ll work well, you’d get two boil-in-the-bags in there no problem as well as regular boiling duties and proper cooking which should be easier now with a regulated and therefore more controlable flame.

I love the concept, I like modularity when its been designed in, things fit together neatly, they work well together and nothing’s rattling around in your pack. A few brands are heading this way, so like the sleepmat wars hopefully we’ll see ever better and lighter designs.

Got some Jetboil stuff coming up on the next trip, there will be the sound and smells of frying at camp.

7 thoughts on “Gear Mini: Jetboil”

  1. These models finally persuaded me to try the Jetboil system, and I found a really good (i.e. sub £100!) price for the Sol Ti, and another good deal on the Sumo.

    I didn’t realise there was a Sumo Ti – it doesn’t seem to show up anywhere in the UK yet. Not crucial anyway.

    I’ve not done a trip since I got them, so only kitchen trials so far, but they seem pretty impressive. My only slight gripe – the cozy/grip on the Sol Ti pot seems very thin, not enough to avoid scorched fingers picking it up… I reckon I’m going to reinforce it with an underlayer of Thermawrap – should make it more efficient for rehydration purposes too.

    Oh, another *very* minor gripe – the Evernew 400ml mug doesn’t quite fit inside the Sol (it would but for the handles). But it can go quite neatly on the outside in place of the plastic cover/bowl thingy, so I reckon that’ll do.

  2. I’ve been umming and ahhing about a jetboil for ages. I can’t make up my mind. I like the concept, but weight and price keep forcing a rethink. I was pretty sure I was going to push the button on a Flash, but then I looked at the weight of my vango ultralite and my Terra Solo and they’re a good bit lighter. Is it worth it for the convenience?
    Having seen the Sol Al and the Sol Ti I was back at square one. The Ti model seems great, but pricy. The Al model seems to be only marginally heavier but £30 cheaper which seems sensible. Hmm. Decisions decisions.

  3. Interesting about the insulation matt, I wonder if it’s a thinner material in the Sol.

    The “Is it worth it?” question is the one everyone asks themselves, that extra bit of weight, the cost etc
    I’d say yes a lot of the time, the Flash is reliable grab-and-go kit, if I’m heading out, even up the Kilpatricks I can just stick it in my pack, where otherwise I’ve got to put together a pot, stove, firesteel etc
    It’s more stable that I expected as well, I’m always happy to have it burning away in the porch.

    Weight wise I can put together some Evernew titanium and a wee stove and be, I dunno, half the weight? That works fine too, it’s not and either/or, the Jetboil thing is just so damned handy, anything that’s been designed to work as a unit takes a little faff out of a trip and while that’s not weight out of your pack it’s a load off your mind :o)

  4. Aye you’re right, grams aren’t everything. Less time thinking about kit is more time enjoying the hills.
    I’ve just noticed that EMS have got the Flash down to £57, in violet too!. I might go back to plan A. Cheers for the advice fella.

  5. Like jetboil’s modularity, don’t like the fact there are only 2 setttings “fast boil” and “off” on the flash (assuming the sol is as controlable as you hope). Now, if only you could part exchange components.

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