Gear Exclusive. Montane Prism 2.0

I was at Fast and Light’s HQ for lunch yesterday when these arrived (some months early), and while the kettle was being put on I wheeched one away for me.

The Prism 2.0 is an update to the Prism that Montane have had for a wee while now. But, it has a better cut, a better hood (with neat roll away-ness) and it’s warmer. It has 40g Primaloft in it this time (rather than the 25g “Yes, this is really Prism insulation” Primaloft of last time), with extra on the chest over the pockets where you can see the quilting. It’s a much better fit on me and feels more like a proper insulation piece than ma auld yin. The arms are just long enough but the wrists don’t ride up, the arm articulation is good. The outer fabric is Pertex Microlight which is great. Weight is low at exactly 400g for my size large.

It’s heartening to see something getting a revamp that improves it, rather than just giving it a new colour for the new season or making it cheaper to produce. The ingredients are all good, Pertex and Primaloft are to be trusted, so I’ll be happy taking this out to see what it’s all about. Actually, there’s a few very nice things coming from Montane for winter, including a killer hooded softshell.

Aye, summer will be over soon. Thank Jimmy.

27 thoughts on “Gear Exclusive. Montane Prism 2.0”

  1. Looks good. My one gripe about Montane is that they seem to feel the need to jazz up their range every year, so that perfectly good products get unnecessary tweaks.

    I’ve moaned about the ever changing Litespeed on OM. I’ve also got a Montane Verso synthetic insulated jacket, which I like a lot and which I prefer to my old Rab photon (it fits me better) The hood isn’t insulated, but then I never use it.

    Montane only made it for a year or two and then replaced it. I wondered if it was anything with getting a lookwarm write up in tgo (pockets in wrong place or something).

    I guess the outdoor industry is as part of the consumption economy as any other sector, and last year’s model is, quite obviously, not up to the job (too heavy, no doubt – that’s YOUR fault Pete) and should be replaced now!! ;-)

  2. David, there is a lot of constant tweaking by brands, usually fixing what isn’t broken. Montane has had a design team change and the 2.0 is one of the results. I wore it out and about this morning, I like it a lot.

    shuttleworth, that’s a very good point. The 1.0 is a bit like a 100weight fleece+windshirt in one, great for on the move in winter. The new one is a bit warmer.
    I like mine, worth watching for a bargain.

  3. Pete – entirely agree, its the way the world works. It’s just that Montane seem more prone to it than most.

    Personaly, I dislike gimmicky new ‘must have’ features (do we really need walking pole holders, mr Osprey?), annual colour changes, etc. and prefer simple, clean, functional timeless classics, which might get tweaked to reduce weight every now again but that’s it.

  4. Saw this over at F&L this morning and thought “Oooooo! I’ll have one of those”. Then you mention the sleeve length and I thought “Oh!Maybe I won’t”. Surely it would make sense to have slightly longer sleeves on a synthetic? So you could pull your hands in like.

  5. Just saw the Fast & Light are doing free Uk delivery, that’s a big plus in my book, looking at the Honey Stingers now, mmmmm.

  6. Kev, ya bugger. I just had to go and put the thing back on and see if I could get my hands inside the sleeves. Well, I can and alightlyu clenched fist doesn’t pot back out of the cuff until the arm is raised past the horizontal.

    On further inspection it’s the wide elastic cuffs that holds the sleeve in position, if it was a velcro adjustable affair the sleeve would go half way down my thumb.

    I shall now add this whole procedure to my test regime :o)

    Shuttleworth, Honey Stinger is the Food of the Gods. I love it, nibbling a protein bar as I bimble around the hills keeps me in good humour all day.

  7. Seeing as everybody is whingeing about Montane “updating” kit I’ll stick my oar in about the Terra kecks. Montane please go back to a continuous sleeve for the belt as Im tired of my belt falling out when my troos are off now.

    Seriously tho that Prism 2.0 looks the bizzo for winter.

  8. I have a Prism and use it lots. Used it for year and a half. It kept me warm in Scotland on the TGO 07 and last month in Scotland thanks to the hood keeping in the warmth. It was just warm enough on many of a night and a warmer version appeals a lot. The new one looks great. Would like adjustable cuffs though. Saying that I will get the new one.

  9. It’s my first comment here, so at start, I want to say Hi! :)

    I have confirmed information from Montane, that Prism 2.0 will be available in shops with 3cm longer sleeves.
    Probably you have a sample jacket – I’ve tried medium size- sample one – and I had the same feeling – a litlle bit to short sleeves.

    P.S. very nice blog

  10. Hi Eshu, thanks checking in.

    I had a word today and it is a proper production model, just an early exclusive. The arms are indeed a little bit longer than the previous version, but I haven’t seen a sample 2.0 for months so can’t say how much it’s different.

    I’m glad that Montane fits me these days. Arm length has always been an issue for me with their clothing, but the last couple of seasons have been spot on.

  11. I’ve hopefully got one on the way from Mr F&L. Weak-willed. That’s my trouble. I justify it on the basis that it should be warmer than the Infinity Light and it’s always handy to have a spare warm layer for when The Boy comes along.

    I’ll tactfully ignore, for the moment, the 2 Barrier Hoods in the gear cupboard :o)

  12. Damn you Mr. Montane! My Prism 1 is probably my only bit of kit that I’m unreservedly, completely and utterly happy with.
    Yeah ok the liner on one of the pockets popped open, but I’m a whizz with a needle and thread.
    But now I have a choice it would seem. A dilemma!
    If it was a straight colour/style thing I’d squish my inner “shiny new gear” daemon and stick with what I’ve got…..

    But they had to go and up the insulation didn’t they?!
    Will it be too warm? My Prism 1 has been warm enough most of the time, but there was that time in Feb this year on Y Garn when I was beginning to stare inappropriately at the Mrs all toasty in her beefier ME Alpamayo….

    Fingers crossed that they’ll only make it in red. Dilemma solved then. I’d match my lovely other half then, and we’d look plain daft!

    But then hers is Cranberry…. not technically red…. hmmmmm

    Crivens. I thought a love of the outdoors was supposed to remove stress from your life?

  13. Kev, it is the reddest or reds isn’t it.
    Hey Sean, does if help or hinder if I tell you it’s coming in a titanium grey with orange lining and morrocan blue with orange lining as well…

    The red makes you look like you’re on a 70’s expedition though, so that’s the one to go for :o)

  14. That’s it then. Plain old granny knickers grey could have swung it, but titanium grey? With orange to boot! Is there no end to their craftiness?! I’m salivating to be frank.

    Seriously though. Having used both would you say the upgrade is an alternative in that it could be used in much the same way as the 1.0, (it’s still pretty lightweight at 40g insulation), or a different beastie altogether? You see I do hate choices. They make life complicated. Especially when it comes to deciding at 7 in the morning what the weather’s gonna be up to at 2 in the afternoon 3000 feet up in the air!

    Off to Snowdonia for the weekend in an hour or so! Woohoo :)

  15. If feels more insulation-ey, the 2.0.
    I reckon a 1.0 over a base layer and a 2.0 carried for insulation would work in the depths of winter if you just had to have both :o)

    The difficulty is Primaloft’s expanding portfolio of techno wadding. The old Prism was 25g, the new is 40g, the Haglofs Barrier Pullover is 60g and Rab’s Photon Hoody is 100g. It’s a nightmare of possibilities.

  16. PTC* said ” Honey Stinger is the Food of the Gods. I love it, nibbling a protein bar as I bimble around the hills keeps me in good humour all day.”

    Just put my order in with Fast and Light. With the free postage it’s cheaper than going to Blacks to buy a couple of Clif bars, and better for the environment too! I’m off to hug a tree…

  17. Good lad, I think it’s the best of the bunch the Honey Stinger stuff.
    The danger is having them in the kitchen. I’ll stick the kettle on and think “Will I make some toast?” and seconds later I’m taking the wrapper off of a cherry almond protein bar. Lazy bastard I am.

  18. Finally got one 2.0!
    Mine is in steel colour with orange inner material, it looks almost like MA-1 US pilot’s jacket ;)

    I hope that Prism 2.0 + Flux would be good for winter alpine usage.

  19. It’s an old thread but… Working on my layers and some Prism 2 jackets are in the sales for £60…
    I’m buying a Mountain Equipment Astron which has a ME Micro Zip 100 weight fleece given away for free with it. Would a buying Prism be a good addition for keeping warm back at camp or is it better/more flexible to invest that £60 back into a hooded fleece like the Berghaus Smoulder?
    Mainly spring through summer camping and mountainbiking. Dorst coast or Lake District…

    Cheers, Al

  20. That sounds like a nice interchangeable system, the Astron, a 100 weight fleece and a Prism 2.0. It’s pretty simple and functional, maybe for very cold weather it’ll struggle a bit at camp, that’s when I wear a down gilet over a Prism.
    I’ve carried the Prism when I’ve been out on the bike, and it’s no hardship at all as it’s so small packing.

  21. I got a bargain prism2 a few weeks back and it’s been indespensible kit ever since. baselayer, patagonia r1hoody and prism2 makes for the perfect winter set-up for me. It’s surprisingly toasty and the red is pretty darn bright, great hood on the thing too.

  22. Hi, thanks for the feedback. I actually got a Rab Baltoro Alpine instead of the Astron, preferred the fit – it’s very nice! Takes the edge right off the windchill but nicely breathable. Back out to find a Prism to try on over the weekend, had a look at a Bergahus Ignite the other day, seams a nice alternative. Shouldn’t be going anywhere really cold at the moment, I’ll be sure to look into a another insulation piece if so. Got to love the sales at the moment, bargains all over!

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