Gear Exclusive: Inov8 Roclite 370s

The Gore Tex lined Roclite 390s have caused much debate since their launch last year. Now we have the non-waterproof version, the Roclite 370, to stir it up again. They look much the same, but slightly lighter and they’re a better colour. Flexible, a grippy sole, and of course that ankle cuff that sets them apart. I don’t wear boots, but I do like mids as they keep the crap out, take a Kahtoola crampon and don’t interfere with the natural movement of your ankle that boots rob you of. I found the cuff on the 390s too restrictive, but just in my hand the 370’s cuff feels more flexible. Partly because there’s no waterproof liner? I won’t miss the liner. I don’t care what Leeds Uni says, lined boots are warmer. That’s what made the 390 a good winter choice.

After a quick gad about the garden all I can say is that they fit me and they feel pretty good. There will be much more to come on these I’m certain.

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  1. I thought the problem with the 390s was the unsupportive heel cup letting the heel swag out when contouring? That’s what made me go for the Keen Targhee II Mids instead. I know you can’t tell from a stroll around the garden but i hope these are better. They look good, like a beefy version of my 315s.

  2. Aye, that’s right. The soft heel cup would be okay if the ankle cuff wasn’t so stiff. Contouring was indeed purgatory.

    I hope these don’t do the same. They do feel different on my feet, the whole upper feels more supple.

    Talking of Keen, they’re sending some shoes up including the non waterproof version of the Targhees, the Voyageaur Mids. I’ve got high hopes for them as well after so many happy miles in the Targhee Mids.

  3. I’ll be interested in how these shape up, following disappointment with the 390s. Mind, I’m not too sure about Mids without waterproofing – why not just team a trail shoe with one of these tight little crud-gaiters like the Raidlight offerings…?

    Meanwhile, the quest continues for a genuinely waterproof Mid capable of rough stuff, having failed with both the Salomon Elios and Keen Targhees :(
    (Perversely the 390s have remained waterproof but don’t handle the rough ground!)

  4. Matt I’ve got a “first look” coming up tomorrow of just what you might like. Two shoes from New Balance with debris seals. One low, one like a mini gaiter.

    The 370s should a good crossover boot. Some of the benefits of a trail shoe, but a with a worry soother of an ankle cuff.
    I’ve worn them all day and the cuff definitely feels softer to me.

    But a non waterproof mid? It’s like my Montrail Namches, a desert racing boot. No “support” from the ankle and no loss in dexterity either, great on very rough ground and no crap got in at the ankle unless I went right into a bog.
    So it’s fine if it’s done right, I think the 370’s window of use might depend on the user though. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself, more miles first :o)

  5. You should do an obituary for the poor old Namche, they deserve it. Plus you never know, someone at Montrail might stumble across it and think… Namche II…

  6. Well, the potentially good news is that Columbia decided that they didn’t know what to do with Montrail and gave the brand to Mountain Hardwear (who they own as well).
    So as long as MH don’t go mental like they did when they started making rucksacks there might be a future for Montrail.

    Fingers crossed.

  7. PETE
    You may not be at difference of opinion as you imply with GT/Trail who tested at Leeds Uni.
    Their findings were that it was the all other varied components on a boot (eg rubber rands, leather lining etc) which determined the breathability and not whether it was Gtex lined. The did NOT say an unlined boot was not cooler than a Gtex lined one.
    This subject was jointly presented at my Innovex conference last Sept by GT of Trail and Mark from Leeds Uni.

  8. Mike

    True enough. I know one of the issues that’s been raised before is the amount of glue applied to waterproof membranes during manufacture. There’s a lot of waterproof trail shoes whos outer is almost all plastic. There’s probably an element of marketing about adding a membrane in mant cases as well.
    The “softshell” shoe idea trialled by Salomon might come good eventually. That could be ideal for most folk, most of the time.

  9. Between Roclite 370 and Montrail Namche which one would you recommend regarding the ventilation, protection and comfort?

  10. The Namche is may favourite ever shoe, so I might not be entirely objective here!
    The 370 is much more like a boot, the Namche is like a beefed up trail shoe.
    The Namches fit me better, so comfort is a personal thing there. Protection and venting are similar, but the Namches dry slower than the 370s when left in a tent porch.
    The Namches have a shallower tread on the sole than the 370s, but I trust the grip better on the Namches. That could be down to the better fit on my feet and the confidence that gives me.

    I think a mid-cut boot based on the last Inov8 use on the Terroc 330 would be perfect.

    If the 370s fit you perfectly, they’re a winner.

  11. It is discontinued, but they come up on ebay quite regularly if you’re keen to try and get a hold of some. Usually from the US and dead cheap. I think Fast and Light has a size 7 and a size 12 gathering dust as well! It might even be worth giving Beta Climbing (Montrail UK distributers) a shout to see if there’s any there.

    One thing I didn’t mention is the durability. I did destroy a pair in about six months, but that was everything from backpacking to running to scrambling to mountain biking and drying them on a radiator, so they didn’t have the easiest life.

    I’m treating my spares much more carefully to make them last. It’s always the way, they’ll discontinue the best stuff.

  12. The 370 boots I think are quite long for their size, the Roclite shoes I remeber seemd true to size, but that was a good while age, so I could be relying on faulty memory there.
    The GTX 390’s were slated for being over-sized. The 370s, look the same size, but fel like a better fit.

    It’s all in the trying on. Even that sometimes doesn’t tell you the whole story. The niggles start ten miles down the trail.

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