Gear Exclusive; Haglöfs LIM Down Vest and LIM Barrier Pullover

I spent the day at the Haglöfs shed of wonder yesterday having a look at what’s coming in 2009. Lots of good stuff is the answer to that, the usual top end gear and also some killer technical kit that won’t burst the bank. Environmental concerns are being addressed and colours created that will stretch the imagination. But that’s getting ahead a little, we’ve got winter to get through first, and it’ll be here quicker than we expect as always.

New for this winter and part of the revamped lightweight and technical LIM (Less Is More) range are a range of insulated pieces. With Primaloft ONE 60g synthetic fill we’ve got the LIM Barrier Pullover, and with 800 fill goose down we have the LIM Down Vest, Jacket, Hood and the absolutely mental matching Down Pant. They all keep the faith with the charcoal outer and yellow detailing that gives the LIM Ozone and LIM45 that super sci-fi disco-tronic look.

In for test I’ve got the Barrier Pullover and Down Vest. This makes a cracking, warm year-round insulating system if you use them separately or together. I’ve used a synthetic filled top with a down vest over it many times on cold camps and you can get the best of both worlds, warmth and mobility in your tent, with low weight and small packsize. Stick a 100weight fleece in the mix and you’re pretty well sorted with a combination for everything.

The Pullover above is dead light at 265g for the large and it’s stripped of clutter having only a single chest pocket (that you can stuff it in to), a half zip and lycra bound hem and cuffs. The Primaloft fill will be warm and it’s very compressible, and the slim fit should also be warmer and more breathable than a boxy equivalent. It also means I’ll be able to layer it under a shell in winter if I need to. Arm movement is good with no hem shift which is handy as it’s not the longest ever at the back. The outer fabric is Performac which is the same as the Kaza windshirt I’ve been wearing for well over a year, and experience with that makes me quite happy there.

The Down Vest is a little fat friend. Two hand warmer pockets, lycra bound hem and armholes with a stitch through construction which curves at the sides, maximising down loft where it usuallly gets squashed under your arms. Loft is very good, but it compresses well so it’s good down in there, it’s not over-filled or full of loft insulation.

They’re due in the shops around September. Like the rest of the LIM gear, I’ve taken to them immediately. I like the simplicity and functionality. I’ll be putting them through their paces with the usual mix of sitting about on mountains and sleeping in them shortly and I’ll report back.

34 thoughts on “Gear Exclusive; Haglöfs LIM Down Vest and LIM Barrier Pullover”

  1. ..or an OMM Finch even?

    They’re all very different to be honest. I think for sleeping in, the PHD has the edge as it has such low bulk and warmth. I can layer it under a shell as well.
    The LIM Vest has tighter sealing at all the gaps to stop heat loss and is a traditional style down piece for camp and rest stops, you put it on and go Ahhh…..

    As I always say now, all the kit is different shades of goodness. Choosing would be too difficult, there’s no loser as such.

    The Barrier pullover just put a lot of my other synthetics on the “heading to ebay” list though.

  2. Clearly the lovely yellow highlighting top trumps plain old black as well…. Not that you should make decisions based on such details….

  3. Your giving me gear sensory overload and making it hard to chose. I had me heart set on a PHD down gilet. Now I think the Haglofs would go with me LIM55, choices are great aren’t they.

  4. “The Barrier pullover just put a lot of my other synthetics on the “heading to ebay” list though.”

    At that weight (265g) it must be less insulating than a Photon or even a Prism? No hood either.

  5. I’ll stick the OMM Finch gilet on soon and add to the confusion Martin :o)

    shuttleworth, the most direct comparisons the Barrier pullover has are the Rab Generator smock which is 340g, or the Berghaus Infinity Light at 379g. Same layout, same 60g Primaloft fill. Same warmth with the Barrier for less weight there, but it’ll never be as warm as the Photon Hoody. The Barrier Hoody is good, but it’s heavier than the Rab jacket.
    It will be warmer than the Prism as it has much more insulation, Prism is just 25g synthetic compared to the 60g and 100g you see elsewhere. The Prism is a great bit of kit as well right enough. That and a down gilet work very well in winter.

    No hood, I know. It’s where the weight is lost along with the trimmer cut (It’s a bit slimmer than Rab’s pullover). I can live without a hood, a Buff and a beanie are what I’m using just now, so it won’t be an issue.

  6. How do you remember this stuff – this one is xxxg but this one is only yyyg withthe same warmth…
    Do you have it all on index cards?

    You should produce your own – Lightweight Kit Top Trumps

    Obvious categories would be : weight, warmth, fit, cost and most importantly loudness of colour!

    PS – That kit above would look great with my Keen sunburst Ochoco’s

  7. I have gear Rolodex in my mind. A carbon fibre and titanium one obviously.

    What would the Top Trump be? Could be the green Oz? It could well be your shoes as well.

    Heavens, that yellow is everywhere this coming winter :o)

  8. Good to see you in the shed bud. I’ve just been checking stock for winter and there is no free stock in any of the LIM insulation pieces. I’ve just bought the last Barrier pullon seeing as you’re off with my sample. Well ok the samples are too small for me anyway but that’s not the point!

    So the only stock will be in the shops that have bought it in.

    PS All of the down pieces come with a cotton storage sack and a compression stuff sack and are shipped/warehoused non compressed as per the down bags.

    Any questions as always just shout!

  9. Well there’s literally a couple of each size M-XXL vests coming in and same in the Pants M-XL. So we can sort you out with pants! No Barrier Pull ons in free stock.
    So the shops will get what they ordered and no more!


  10. I’ve been wearing the LIM pieces and they are a total joy.
    I want the pants, I’d even just sit in them when I’m writing the blog to feel the spirit of the mountain.


  11. No hand warmer pockets on the Barrier either which saves a little bit of weight. I wasn’t sure about this until I put one on, noticed the long, slightly baggy arms and put them together :)

    The yellow really does make my Cioch stuff in black with yellow trim look subdued….

  12. Aye, I haven’t missed pockets at all.

    You’re right about the yellow, it is a shade apart. Turn any of the LIM stuff inside out and looks like you’ve opened a door into another dimension.

  13. the really good Haglofs stuff is proving harder to find than hens teeth – any idea how the barrier pullover compares to PH Design’s Sigma pullover – they look pretty similar?

  14. Aye, you’ve had it with the LIM insulation until September. There’s some down hoods and jackets here and there, but the barriers and vests are long gone.

    The Sigma looks neat, Primaloft will be smaller packing than Thinsulate I think, and the Sigma is heavier. But 330g isn’t a backbreaker.
    Worth a gamble? It’s always nice to have something a bit different.
    The Rab Generator pull-on is probably the closest in spec to the LIM Barrier, but it’s still heavier despite it’s lighter fabric..

  15. Just about on topic – can I ask how people are getting on with their Prism 2.0s?

    It looks just right as a replacement for a fleece for winter trips as it is ‘only’ 40g Primaloft, windproof etc. The question is, does it get too hot and sweaty because of this? I have a down jacket so the Prism would be for use whilst walking and not for wear about camp or whilst sleeping.

  16. That’s a tough one. I have walked in it above 800m in pretty cold air and been on the limit. It’s a fleece plus windshirt kind of warmth, if you run cool it should be okay. It’s a great bit of kit.
    I’ve been testing a Crux Halo for Trail/LFTO and I’ve worn that as a midlayer under a waterproof to goo effect. These non fleec midlayers are good, but none will be as breathable or quick drying as a 100 weight fleece.

  17. Cheers for that.

    I have several 100 weight fleeces and they are all a bit too thin for on the hill wear in winter for me. The Prism 2.0 might just be the thing – even BPL liked the first version!

    I look forward to more info on the Crux – especially how it compares with the best of PHD.

  18. The PHD comparison was one of the first things that came to mind. MontBell having been doing than mini baffle/quilt thing for years and now Rab and Montane have been trying it out.
    Fad or genius? Time will tell.

  19. I thought some more about this on the way back from work and after ransacking the loft have found the answer – my Rohan Olfios from the early 90s!

    OK, the colours are shocking, but they have synthetic insulation with a windproof outer. As has been pointed out here previously nothing is new. So, why do I need new kit?

    … Oh yes, they took an age to dry.

    Anyway, I’ll see if I can resist the Prism 2.0 when I get to the Lakes. Hopefully lots of snow will keep me occupied ;-)

  20. It was good stuff – superstriders, pampas jackets, movis – you’ll get me all misty eyed. I just wish I still had the catalogue where they stated that fleece would never catch on!

    Lets hope you’re right on the snow front – I really don’t think Keela salopettes and big boots are fit for a wander round Keswick!

  21. Base Camp Bags, I think that was the last thing they made that I liked.

    Ach, the streets of Keswick and Ambleside are full of folk dressed for 8,000m :o)

  22. Sorry to add to an old post but need a quick bit of info on sizing of the Lim barrier pullover, chance to get one cheapish if it fits. Is the sizing similar to the Kaza top. Got a small kaza and the lim barrier is a small but i would like it slightly looser for layering as if its the same as the kaza it would be a bit restricting under the arms. If you put your same sized lim barrier/kaza on top of each other are they the same of is one bigger/smaller. Thanks pal

  23. It’s definitely less slim fit, I can layer the barrier over a couple of layers, where the Kaza is tight over a base and light mid.
    I’ll need to check properly though.

    Here, I can’t believe this post is twio years old! How time flies.

  24. Enough time for the LIM barrier to get launched, sell out, get popular, get copied wholesale (but with less insulation for some reason) and get canned.

    Amazingly lifecycle speed really :)

  25. Definitely not as slim under the arms coops, in the large anyway.

    Aye Martin, defeat snatched from thn jaws of victory.

  26. Thanks for that pal you’ve answered my query worth a punt i think. Time flies when your having fun or hit 40 lol or live in a great place like yourself

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