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I hate doing this kind of admin shit, but I’m adding a new thing as I try to gradually improve the indexing in the warehouse of unmarked cardboard boxes I call my blog.
So “Gear Diary” is a new category, and what I’ll do is update all the progress of test kit that I use during my Kilpatricks trips and general fannying about. I’m aiming for a weekly thing, but it’ll fall on it’s arse quite quickly no doubt, but Jimmy loves a trier.
Also, it means there’s always a random place on the front page for unrelated comments to be posted from anybody who wants to post comments unrelatedly. That 500-comment gear page isn’t getting repeated and having some king of forum plug-in will only lead to an embarrassingly empty hall where I’ll play to an old man who came in out of the rain for a little while with his dog, and the bar staff.

So my first update is that I have removed the swing tags from the new arrivals and it went very smoothly.

17 thoughts on “Gear Diary”

  1. Cool clouds!

    Do you do requests? A better search plugin so I can find stuff I vaguely remember you mentioning six months ago…

  2. I thought they looked like a diving Pegasus from Clash of the Titans :o)

    I’m working my way though stuff. I didn’t expect this old theme to work with up-to-date WordPress, so I’m having a dilemma whether to re-organise this one or go to the all-new thing.
    Whatever, there will be better functionality coming in over the next while.

  3. They’re remaking Clash of the Titans with the guy from terminator/avatar as Perseus (i think). Looking forward to it as the orginal was great in its day. You must have accumulated a massive amount of kit over time, have you kept everything?

  4. I’ve seen the posters for the remake. I wonder what it’ll be like…

    I am indeed knee-deep in kit. I do still have most stuff, some has found new homes, some is ruined, some has been sent back. But I do tend to pull stuff out randomly and use it, so I’m going to cover all that. Like today, crawling across a boiler house floor in that Arc’teryx softshell checking a pipe run.
    All going in the diary!

    So is the new purple Jetboil that’s on its way :o)

  5. T’ain’t Pegasus, it’s a Welsh Dragon! :-)

    btw, finally got to test my PHD Minimus down trousers in the snowhole last Monday – fab piece of kit, warm and snug, AND they go under my Paramo Aspira trousers. Happy me :-)

  6. Talking of gear… the birthday fairy gave me money and i got one of them there North Face Messenger Bags in Pop Pink. It’s delicious! I’ll use it for work & gyming and that’ll save my rucksack from being used every day (I’m not a handbag kinda girl you see). Hey it was a bargain too, 40% off in the North Face shop on Buchanan Street, ended up being £33! And and and they had the most wonderful electric blue snowboarding/skiing trousers, i was tempted but realised it would be a mistake but the colour in the flesh was so great. Walking trousers just must be in these colours soon. One can hope. :o)

    Also the postman hasn’t delivered my prize yet! but, i did see her wiping her sweaty brow on her round this morning. It looked like she had some sort of wristband type thing on!! yikes…

  7. Good job Kate :o) I’m going to miss mine in the summer.

    Ange, those colours are usually everywhere but Britain. I’m going to have to take out my purple leggings while the snow’s still here.

    There was package size related postage problem. I must move to a village with a Post Office…
    Before the end of the week there will be parcel joy for all.

  8. I’ve decided to invent my own piece of kit!

    Right – say I have a full size three season multimat self inflator (500g), but I want to camp in winter/on snow etc. and don’t have the funds to buy an Exped down mat.

    The solution might be to use a closed cell foam mat (180g @ £10) underneath, but that’s a bit inelegant and there is always the fear that the mats might slide around or ‘scissor’ apart under tossage and turnage.

    But what, if one glued little triangles of stretchy fabric (or elastic strips) to all four corners of to the closed cell mat, that would act as little sleeves to keep the corners of the self inflator in place (think old photo albums).

    Hey presto, 4+ season stable comfort for under 700g and just over a tenner.

    That should work, shouldn’t it? Or does such a beast already exist?

  9. Camalbitboy, I’ve had trouble getting the Sealskinz gloves to fit me. There’s not a lot of stretch so they seem to either fit or not.
    I’ll need to try again and update myself in case there’s any changes.
    Good reminder!

    David, sounds entirely sensible to me. I’ve used the Duomat/Neoair combo a few times and there is a little movement between the two, so it’s something worth looking at.
    My first thought is the pre-glued velcro, but corners might be less stressfull on the plastic?
    Glue, careful choice there as some glues will just melt rather than stick.
    Report back so I can copy you!

  10. Will do – I’m thinking that the material doesn’t need to be stretchy as the inflatable/neoair mattress can be squashed to fit quite easily

    And glue choice will be vital!

  11. Tried on the black sealskiz ultra grips in covent garden today and not good at all. I don’t have fat hands and I still felt that all my fingers were being squashed by the tight waterproof material. Its stretchy, but so strong an elasticity that I rekon you’ll have problems with circulation unless you have no flesh on your hands at all. Maybe you should road test them and see if they loosen up ;)
    The sealskinz bike gloves were more hopeful, but when you pull your hand out the unattached inners for the fingers turns inside out and are a right sod to get back on again.
    Settled for some Marmot XLs that seem to do all I need, but at a tenner more.

  12. Those thin SealSkinz really do have an amusing review score on outdoors magic. 32 reviews, average overall score 37%. Given that the typical review score there seems to start at 70 and head rapidly upwards this might just say something :)

    But they clearly keep selling (as witness the numbers of reviews!) so….

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