Gear Diary-ette

That wee trip before we went down south had a couple of unusual participants.

#1 in the finest of orange thgere above is a first generation Jirishanca, still with the gallus-looking KIMMlite winged badging. I haven’t used this pack in ages and I just fancied something different, and you know what, it’s really good.
The narrow shoulder straps work fine on me now, I used to fiddle with them all the time (not so used to the low-profile design back then maybe?), the slim dyneema body is fine, the lid is a good one, the hipfin pockets are a little small and the compression system was never great, but it does work okay with the bungee I installed rather than the daft plastic cheesewire.
#2 is just out of view, my original style Inov8 390GTX. My theory that my feet are evolving (into what is unclear) seems to bear fruit (imagine a bear fruit, a big hairy apple that wants to tear your face off), I got on better with them that I ever did before. We contoured on steep ground for about 3 or 4 km without a break at the start, and I was issue and whining free, where in the past I’d have cramps and moaning. The grips were as good as ever, and I was also pleased to find that they’re still waterproof. We’re pals again.
#3 Outdoor Research (old style) Flex Tex gaiters. They’re softshell, but repel water and shite  with gusto and aplomb unless you’re resting knee deep in a bog for more than 30 seconds.

I missed Brasher at KORS (report very soon, so many photies…), but I got the press pack in the post the other day and some new-model socks to test. I used to wear Brasher walking socks, but these are all modern with different fabric zones and a lack of spongy padding. Nice.

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  1. Are you getting the inov-8 400 gtx in for test ? Look a good mid ,though i’m a little perplexed why they’ve put a softer sole on a more robust upper :-/

    I wish my 390 were still waterproof :-(

  2. I’ve had a whole bunch of Inov8 on long-term test, which I’ll write up before winter, nothing new on the horizon yet, but the 400’s do look interesting.

    Gore-Tex liners? Born to live fast and die young.

  3. The front part of the soles on my 390’s have worn flat after 2 months :(

    Now, I need a strong glue suitible for rubber, a bike inner tube, my mudrocs and a lot of walking on roads see how long it takes for the bits of inner tube to wear down. Might prove to be a cost effective solution to making the soles of inov8 shoes last longer.

    1. Bike overshoes. They’re really unfashionable and you’ll get them cheap, carve them up and you’ll get a sole cover in a durable and light fabric that velcros on and off.

      Or, get the XXXL Seaskinsz and wear them over your shoes :o)

  4. Prefer my idea, as it means there is no obvious change to the shoes, appart from a squeeking on wooden floors ;)

    I’m planning on trying to make my own gear… More on that when I get past the planning stage though.

  5. Just ordered a sample set of waterproof breathable fabrics from

    The plan is to make a lightweight waterproof jacket, and a pair of waterproof trousers, that is, a pair of proper trousers that are fully waterproof.

  6. Here, those guys (once I’d found the language button at the top) do Primaloft.
    Good luck with the sewing, take photies as you go for a proper how-to.

  7. Will do. Hopfully I won’t mess it up, will draw up templates first though! so I’m not working from the top of my head!

  8. The 2 fabrics for the waterproofs I’m looking at are only availible in navy blue and khaki.

    Point North have some pertex 4 in indigo, might make a windshirt out of that.

  9. Humph, the gore-tex lining on my 390’s has failed on both. Think it’ll be trail shoes from now on with sealskinz socks… It’s a shame OMM don’t make a waterproof sock out of that Gleandots fabric.

  10. also, I picked up a pair of Head trail shoes from sports direct for £6 (got 2 pairs) they grip good on grass, not so good on wet smoother surfaces particually when wet though. Only weigh 860g per pair at size 12.

    they have now become candidates to try out the 5.10 stealth paint

  11. Talked about Gelanots socks, gaiters and mitts with OMM two years ago, but I doubt it’ll come to anything now.
    It’s a good fabric, just reviewed the smock for a Trail Used and Abused.

    Stealth paint, it just conjours up so many images does that.

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