Gear Diary-ette 2

I used the new Leki poles and the camera widget for all the shots except for a few sunset ones from the top of the Cobbler where the hard ground needed the tripod. There was a bit of a breeze which did fuzzify a few shots as expected, but it’s fine when it’s calm, and very usable. I left the widget attached all the time and it didn’t snag my cardigan once.
The poles themselves are very nice. I accidentally bent one like a banana trying to get it into the ground to take a photies and it was fine. One thing to watch though, twisting the pole out of the ground after using it as a mono-pod can loosed the length adjustment a wee bit if you really wrestle it. Talking of adjustment, these tighten much smoother than the last set of Leki’s, and the new widget has a very definite feeling of “release” when you loosen them off to stow them. They’ve got a good balance in the hand, nice and light too won’t become a burden on a longer trek. Aye, I like these.

There were few oldies out with recent arrivals (test kit’s for life, not just for one trip for a photie), the OMM Adventure Light 20 came out to play. It’s a great wee pack, probably a little overlooked as it just looks a little too anonymous. The bottle pockets work fine with the 800ml Klean Kanteens, my Zipshot and Leki’s fitted on simultaneously and the harness is spot on, very low profile. Haglöfs LIM Barrier Pullover was as good as ever as I sat on the top, and Chocolate Fish’s TeMata midlayer is a longterm comfort blanket.
That red shirt is  techno polo shirt from Craft, courtesy of the guys at Escape Route. Tall collars are good for keeping the sun and the chill off, buttons need your love too you know and the fabric’s seems like it’s a good one.
Old Montrail Hardrock Mids on the feet, shouldn’t have bothered as the route was bone-dry and just needed wee shoes, but they’re just so damned comfy now I wasn’t complaining.
The Evernew Titanium Solo set is just genius, hot cuppas wherever I go. Again twinned with the Vango Ultralite Gas Stove for faff free quickness. New Wigwam socks were worn, more on that soon, including a bit of a sock giveaway. Well, all the sock will be given away.

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  1. Do you think that stove would fold up inside an MSR Titan Kettle with a wee coleman gas cylinder. Could be what I’m after, bargain price too.

  2. sbrt, great minds think alike!

    soularch, I think that wide OPtimus-style burner stops the lid fitting on when it’s in the Titan with a 100g gas. I used to take a Coleman F1 in my Titan and it was okay, just about on the limit. I’ll see if I can find my Titan when I get home and I’ll try it.

  3. Which do think in comparison between that OMM pack and the Haglofs Aces, is the better pack. My mate is after a small pack but liked the old Karrimor kim sac. Told him the nearest would be OMM but he also likes my haglofs ACEM but want a bit more room. Is there a winner.

  4. Totally different packs I’m afraid!
    I like the main body of the OMM pack, but the harness and especially hipbelt on the ACE is better. The OMM’s got a good lid pocket and the ACE has a got that stupid small pocket on the outside with the hole to klet the rain in…
    I couldn’t chose though, I work around the niggles as they both fit me really well. I am not helping here am I :o)

  5. Cheers Pete i think its his decision based on that then, lol. Seeing as the harness seems better on the Haglofs that may take it as he will be doing a bit of running in it.

  6. Aye, I had an impromptu reorganising when gremlins got into the works, the nack end now looks like I’ve walked into someone elses house.

    Looks something like the Entrant DT 2.5 layer that sample.
    RiRi zips are a good option, look like chunky regular zips but are just as waterproof as the stiff rubbery horrors we’re used to. No stormflaps!

  7. I think it is entrant DT, specs seem pretty much identical (hydrostatic head and breathability ratings)

    Do you know of any stockists of RiRi zips? I can’t find any on the 1st few pages of google and nothing on Ebay (the RiRi site is not helpful either)

    Probably go for the “traditional” waterproof zip with an internal storm flap (considering the weight of the fabric it should it should not make a major difference in weight)

  8. Would have loved to have been able to try the LIM Barrier before they pulled it. Got a Nano Puff from Patagonia instead which I liked. Then Montane sent me a Prism 2.0 to test. Found it warmer but heavier. Now I’m not sure which one to grab first…! You love that Barrier, though…

  9. JT, the Barrier is indeed the best smock in its class, even Haglofs new version is nowhere near as good.
    The Prism has that hood, that makes it another winner.

    Ant, you’ll look like a crime scene.

  10. I think you might be right about that :D

    I’ll put a post on OM with the details once I’ve actually completed the project.

    I’ve decided to make a pair of waterproof trousers to start off with, as it should be easier than a jacket to begin with. Will use the same fabric.

    Out of curiosity have you used anything that makes use of Entrant DT fabric, if so how did you find the fabric?

  11. JT, insulated hoods are a winner, unlike a hat, difficult to lose!

    Ant, most recently I’ve tested a Montane Meteor DT in Entrant DT. It’s okay, it’s a nice fabric fabric to wear, deals with moisteure okay, but the lack of a proper inner scrim on the 2.5 layer makes it a bit like Paclite, you can get some wetting out inside at times of high activity/heavy rain. Not a problem though, just don’t over-layer underneath.

  12. I manage to wet out the inside of my Event Jacket! Ok, to be honest it’s only on the wrists and where the DWR has worn away affecting breathability when the outer is wet.

    it seems to be the best comprimise between breathability, waterproofness and weight though.

  13. Slightly different front, Think I’ll get the OMM adventure light somthing for autumn day walks when my OMM last drip (as I seem to keep calling it) is not big enough for the extra potential insulation.

  14. Never tried a Last Drop, the Ultra 15 is the smallest I’ve got, nice wee pack.
    I think I’m visting OMM in a couple of weeks, if there’s anything new I’ll get the info.

  15. A typical set up of mine is to carry my kit in the last drop, and have anything I’m taking for the dog stuffed into an OMM ultra belt. Works well as it keeps things organised. OR to have the last drop srapped to my Villain for extra capacity (and to keep anything for my dog seperate from the main load).

  16. Ah, you’ll like this then, there’s a winter MSC coming out shortly, it’s dyneema with a bigger capacity, vertically zipped compartment.

  17. defently like the sound of that.

    At the moment, I currently strap the last drop under the MSC, and put the tent flysheet in the MSC

  18. The Last Drop is designed to hang on the front of the bigger packs as well as the back, the buckles are all supposed to line up.

    New OMM test kit in a couple of weeks :o)

  19. Got many sweeties in your chest pouch at the moment?

    The project appears to have ended up a little on hold, although I’ve got some old sheets to hand to make a “rough” version without pockets, zips, elasic etc. The hardest part will probably be the making of the hood.

  20. Nah, just my pockets!

    Aye, the hood will be tricky, enough movement around the shoulders too, that’s the two most “3D” bits.
    A dummy version first sounds like a plan!

  21. Another part of the plan is to get a more rounded cycling helmet than what I have so I can make the hood helmet compatible, I suppose I can do that without the helmet but it would help with the sizing.

  22. Ok, due to the high complexity of making clothing, that particular project is going on hold.

    Will try to make a tent instead, should be easier overall!

  23. Will try!

    I’m basing the design on the tarptent scarp 1/2 but making somthing half way between the 2 in size, but hopfully a bit lighter

  24. I think I’ve decided on a final design for the tent, but you’ll have to wait a bit to see.

    Will say though that the estimated weight is the same as the Vaude Power lizard, and space is similar too.

  25. Curious to see mention of new OMM MSC etc above. There’s been mentions on here over the last couple of years about new OMM packs – PTC*, do you have any info on if/when they are likely to hit the shops?

  26. Dunno, I was expecting something about now, but it might be next year now, I think they’ve been concentrating on the new clothes by the look of it. Ach.

  27. Been thinking a bit more about this tent design, and have come up with the idea for a “modular” flysheet. That is, a water resistant zip fitted alongside the pole joining the 2 halfs so it can be split in half, then, as simply as 2 zips zip together, add another bit of fabric in the middle to convert it into a 2 person tunnel tent. main risk is it “unzipping” in a storm!

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