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I’ve had a few queries about the LaSportiva Gandalf boot we saw at KORS last year, and the news is that it’s going to be in the UK imminently as the Ganda Guide. I don’t think I’m allowed to mention the Crosslite “XT” yet though… ?
I got my programme in for KORS 2010, so I’ll be going down again to see what’s doing. There’s even more brands this year, so it’ll be an early start I think.

Tha Haglöfs Vertigo Hi GT’s have been out again, I’m still liking them as they soften a little more, the sole’s as grippy as I thought, the weakest point so far is contouring on wet ground where it does like to go sideways.
Other new Haglöfs kit that’s been out and about is the new Intense Tee, a lighter (uses a lighter-weight recycled Dryskin fabric) and less fitted version of the recently reviewed Actives Tee. It layered well and felt nice out on it’s own in the sunshine, it’s looks are quite “racey”, but it’ll be a good general use piece I think.
The Oz-replacing Ozo has been rained-on and sweated-in too. It’s not just an Oz with blue zips though, the hood is completely different (I’m sure it’s the hood from a LIM Ultimate), the body (tail in particular) feels longer and that wee pocket is now stitched-on rather than laminated, so I can’t pull this one off to see what happens without ruining that jacket. Humph.
I’ll do a side by side with the Oz and see what’s what. I’ll have proper look posted soon as well.

The Temata zip-neck merino midlayer from Chocolate Fish has been out a couple of times as well. It’s slim, but slightly relaxed and I’d forgotten how comfy it was. Merino mid layers are easy to overlook because fleece is usually lighter, but when your fleece pullover is a bit minging in the tent in the morning, those extra few grams seem like no sacrifice at all.
Also, the Temata is resisting the belt buckle/pack hipbelt pressure point very well, the Arc’teryx Delta LT has already got a flat shiny spot there.

I took my time packing for the weekend. There some new and untested, and there was some old favourites too. I learned quite a lot because of those choices. I’ll have more on that coming up.

10 thoughts on “Gear Diary”

  1. Ahh- the wonderer returns. Whats the snow like over knoydart way, is there any on the tops?

    headin over there for 5 days bimbles from wednesday and wondering if i could ditch the axe and crampons…. hard to call as its so close to the coast so i expect there to be little.

    I could be wrong of course!

    just had a sneeky peek at your new pictures on photobucket, looks like you had an awesome time.

  2. A fine wee jaunt it was. Not a lot of snow in Knoydart (that’s Loch Hourn behind me in the photie above), but we had the best of it where we were.
    The snow is getting a bit granual, but crampons were useful as was an ice axe. It’s a tough call whether or not to take the kit.
    Part one of the weekend above, more soon!

  3. cheers pete,

    i guess i’ll chuck them in the boot and make me mind up when i get there. it would be gutting to get up high and have to turn around just for a patch of slippery stuff.


    i cant wait i wanny go now!

  4. Awesome time in Knoydart!

    Didnt take axe or crampons and it was the right call . Hardly any. A cool trip. Freezing infact!

    I got abit carried away after seeing your photos and packed for summer. . The nights were never ending, but the days amazing.

    Camped on top of sgurr nan eugallt the first night.perfect. bimbled the next day down and around to the other side of mam undallian.

    over luinne bein and across the knobbles to meall buidhe followed by a long walk to inverie and the pub (rude not to).

    next day was bitter and cloudy drizel(around 500mtrs) so over mam barrisdale and after much flaffing as to walk out or stay we put up the tent half way along loch hourn at 4pm.

    a freezing night saw snow drop to 400mtrs but the walk out was just gorgous. a top trip !

    cheers for your input. now where to next!

  5. Fantastic, sounds like a great trip. That “where to next” feeling is something that I always have too!

    If you’ve got any photies up somewhere online feel free to post a link to them.

  6. Will do in the next day or so. the visual is always better. no laughing at my tadpole tent mind!

    At the moment there sat brooding in lightroom waiting to be jpg’d from raw files.

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