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Not been a good week for using test kit, after the Kintail trip I pretty much did nothing all week apart from pad around in my steelies to let my burst toe heal. My customers were amazed at the DWR on the Arc’teryx softshell, but that’s it.
A bunch of stuff has come in for test, and I’ll feed all that in soon as well as continuing with my proper review updates with the wee fact file that seems to have been a good idea, if the source of some shock and horror.

We went out for a wee walk in the Cowal hills yesterday in some glorious weather and I thought I would grab something new to try, I picked the Haglöfs Vertigo Hi GT.
Haglöfs’ website always makes the footwear (especially, the other stuff marginally less) a bit rubbish looking I think, and the Vertigo Hi’s aren’t as clumpy as they look on their page, but they are at the beefy end of the mid-height family. The uppers are a nice thick nubuck leather, the lacing is old-school, going down to the toes, and the height is right for keeping the crap out and not screwing up my ankles.
Out-of-the-box is always a gamble with footwear, but with already broken-in SOLE footbeds replacing the new ones included I too the chance and headed out, with Holly, the papoose, a picnic and all our other kit on my back…
It was fine though, no issues at all, and the sole, although not having the deepest lugs, its sticky rubber had predictable and reliable grip on all the gradients and surfaces I found except the mossy wood on one bridge where much to my surprise I went several feet in a straight line.

It’s early days, but these do look good so far. The upper is rocky-route friendly, the sole will work across a range of stuff, the height is mid, not boot and the only real unknown is distance. More on these as we go.

I mesnt to take the GPS to trial recording a route, but I forgot. Bugger.

2 thoughts on “Gear Diary”

  1. As with all lightweight, membrane-lined mids and shoes, the (often literally) £100 question is “how long will they remain waterproof?”!! Do report back… ;O)

  2. Aye!
    I think with these it’ll depend on what happens when a flex point develops in the upper. It looks like it’s spread across two of the cut-back areas between the lace holes which may or may not divide the pressure a bit.
    Time will tell.

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