Gear Diary

A weekly look at what the test kit’s been doing, and it’s also where to post any unrelated comments, questions or observations.
I’m going to stick in some news items now and again as well. I might as well put some of the press releases and info that I get to some use.

Kit Stuff

Maybe not the best week for wear and tear on the kit other that abrasion to the contact points with a chair, but…
The Arc’teryx Gamma LT jacket and Delta LTjumper have been at work with me. They layer well together, although the Delta is a bit longer than the Gamma, so I do get a nice contrasting fringe around my lower portions.
The Gamma has been under some pressure from various engineering items and is still looking fresh, the fabric’s looking good and tough. Mobility is looking good too, reaching and stretching hasn’t yet revealed my midriff to any great extent.
The chest pockets are big enough for lunch and tools as predicted, and although not very deep, neither iPod nor workshop keys fell out when I was getting all physical with some pipework when the zips were open.
Later in the week a sub-zero evening walk on Loch Lomondside in both tops showed good insulation on the move, but not so much heat retention at rest, just as expected, the Gamma having a plain inner face, no extra insulation.
Both have just been machine washed as they ended up pretty minging, but they’ve came out well, the same size, shape and colour they went in.

The Sole footbeds are my constant companions, they’re in several of my outdoor pairs, and they’re in my workboots every day. I have one very good foot and one not so good foot, and as inconvenient as this is at times, it’s bloody handy for testing footwear and the like. Both feet report happy times after what must be a couple of hundred days in Soles at least.
Interestingly, my feet don’t rebel when I wear footwear without them, I tend to leave in whatever insoles come with outdoor shoes so my feet haven’t become dependant on the “support”. Maybe this means that variety is the best thing for your feet rather than having to be either a Barefoot or Superfeet disciple.

I’m wearing Keen’s a lot, just for cutting about. I don’t normally wear outdoor gear after work or before the hills, but they look so left field and unathletic (?), I’m quite happy to wear them with my regular clothes.

Gear News

PHD, who’s down gear you’ll see on here with some regularity has just started one of its regular sales right here. The in-between sizes they make for this are pretty smart, the Minim 300 they sent up last year proved to be perfect for spring and autumn nights on the tops.

Innov-ex 2010 is coming up on April 28th, and the programme is now up here.
I covered last years conference here, and I’ll be attending again this year.
I hope to be blogging some of it live, and I’ll also be a judge for this years innovation prize.
It’s a very important event this, it goes beyond what we normally get to see and gets right to the heart of where the outdoor industry is going and why.

8 thoughts on “Gear Diary”

  1. You shouldn’t have reminded me of the PHD Sale…………….

    I too now wear the Sole footbeds in both work and hill footwear and they seem to be keeping my niggly planter fasciitis at bay – long may it continue. I’ll be interesting to see how they handle the switch to my non winter footwear that tends to get swamped. The Montrail Enduro handled it, let’s hope the Sole do

  2. Aye, there’s a photie of me wearing one on here somewhere.
    I liked it, I remember it as being light, nicely fitted, good pockets with a slightly fussy hood?!

  3. I’ve ordered my first bit of PHD kit thanks to that sale. A Grey Minimus Down Jacket. Looking forward to getting that :)

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