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I’m not going to lie here, apart from the occasional softshell or waterproof I’ve used no gear at all since that last trip up the Kilpatricks. That’s a regular July for me though.
But, there’s gear stuff coming up and some info to be noted.

First up is a bit of news that I’m delighted about, and that’s Harvey’s new British Mountain Map of the Southern Highlands. It’s got Ben Lomond, Arrochar Alps, Ben Lui, Ben More etc I’ll have one to show and tell with as soon as it’s printed, which won’t be for a couple of months yet so don’t don’t start demanding one from your local Millets just yet.

Next up is some new kit from regulars of these pages, PHD. Now I love that orange, but apart from that it’s really good to see the range diversifying at a proper technical level at time when so many folk are targeting the casual wallet.
I’ve had a few comms asking about the new kit, but I haven’t seen it yet. I will be seeing it at the start of August though, I’ve got something a little special coming up: a day in the life of PHD.
I’ll be spending a day at the factory, talking to the folks, seeing how the gear is made and fingering lots of kit. I’ll be taking notes, photies and maybe some short film pieces too. Should be a blast.
Now, if you’re wanting to ask them any questions, or find out anything specific, post it here and I’ll take it down with me.

Also, I’ll be visiting Alpkit HQ, I’ve been promised cuppas and a look at some secrets. Same as above, any questions for these guys, flag it up.

Sooner than that will be Haglöfs 2011. I’ll have the usual in-depth look at the guys and gals kit and bring back the news, be it good or frustrating. Questions for the big H? Post them here.

In-between some of the above will be a day in the Lakes with Montane to see 2011’s gear. The new designer’s drawings have now been transformed into kit, and in their own words, they’re psyched for the new collection. Questions? Wire in.

The KORS show is in August, I’ve got meetings with a bunch of folk familiar and new to the blog. August really is going to be gear apocalypse on here.

Lastly, I have in my possesion (have had for some time if I’m honest), the ansewrs to the X-Bionic Wallaby giveaway. Live next week, with a wee look at some new kit.

But after the increasingly painful gap of the last few weeks, the hills are again top of the list. Kintail as soon as the clouds lift, and then somewhere I haven’t been for a wee while, Assynt. Suilven’s the target, but I’ve got business with Cul Mor as well. I cannot bloody wait.

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  1. Holycow; we’ve seen a couple of Vipers pilling this year but a tiny amount compared to what we sell – that and the Lizard pullon are the same fabric and the 2 best sellers in the summer. Looks like a fabric batch problem to me. Give Vickie in the office a shout (she’ll be back from the Alps in a week or so) and she’ll get that sorted out for you. (You can return it through the retailer you bought it from).I’ve been wearing a Lizard top all season for ski touring (which oinly finished on Solstice lol) and it’s been fantastic with no fabric issues at all.

    More-on; you need to decide what temperatures you want the pant to cope with, how much stretch and breathability you want etc. Non-membranes tend to stretch more and be more breathable but do not give the ultimate weather protection of a Windstopper fabric. Haglofs use different weights of fabric in both our Flex-able (non-membrane) pants and in our Windstopper pants – you can get Windstopper fabric now with a really light wicking liner rather than just the fleece for winter use.
    That aside, it’s all about fit – I’d love you to buy Haglofs (preferably from one of my accounts in the Lakes/Scotland!) but you’ve got to go with the fit at the end of the day.
    We do the Turbine Hood which has lid compatible hood and velcro cuffs in the lightest weight of Windstopper but with a polyamide outer for abrasion resistance. I use the pants for touring as I need the wind/snow proofness of Windstopper but without the insulation and love them.

    If you need more info just shout!


  2. hi gus,

    uh, does it matter that i reside in australia and purchased the garment in france?


  3. Gaiter views please: probably going to pick up a pair of Innov8s on Friday, so am looking at baby gaiters. The two I’ve seen are the Raidlight mini-gaiter and the Innov8 debris gaiter. Any pros and cons?
    I don’t want to go for debris socks cos I want to wear my own socks.
    Thanks :-)

  4. I’ve got the Raidlights. One of them has a slightly gairish logo, the other is nice and plain. They work well enough, no complaints there, but tbh I only tend to bother with them if I’m wearing Rocky goretex socks and want to guard against potentially membrane-puncturing grit. Not seen the debris gaiters so can’t compare.

  5. Cheers for the info Gus. I think I’m looking at the lighter and more breathable so I can use them in the Alps as I’ve got Keela salopettes for UK winter. However, the lighter weight Windstopper might be worth a look – I’m sure it’s now a bit more breathable than my Sprayway Banshee! Anyway good stuff to go on and you never know I might just have to buy something when I next hit the Lakes…

    As to the gaiters Kate I’ve got the Inov8 ones to ‘match’ my x talons and terrocs. Not much to say really – they just work well and keep the crud off my wool or sealskin socks. As I said on here a while back the lace hook on the first pair came off but the replacements have seen many miles of service without a problem. Even the rubber straps have lasted. They are just one of those fit and forget products.

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