Fuzzy Thinking

After playing the soul cleansing Journey for a while, where I was pleased to find that repeat plays do have as much joy if a different kind of joy in them, I went back to multiplayer racing to see if I still liked tearing around the streets of San Francisco in imaginery muscle cars the same age as myself.

It was fine, it was fun, but I did notice something rather quickly after my time away. I’ve won a lot of races (lost a fair few too) and know the tracks well, even to the point of knowing where traffic’s likely to be around a corner so I can often drift past it and keep pointing in the right direction. I like that stuff, it’s kinda satisfying to win a clean race without crashing into an AI car, or indeed another competitor. However, that approach is like waving a red rag with a saucy photo of it’s mother selloptaped to it at a bull. When it’s hungry/ tired/annoyed.

Win a few races in a row with the same group of players and it soon changes from folk trying to race you to folk just wanting to stop you winning at any cost. This means that the start of every race is folk reversing back into you, swerving straight across your bonnet or locking onto you side by side trying to force you off the road or into an obstacle. Folk are quite happy to sacrifice their own race to try and spoil yours.
I don’t understand that at all. But, it’s an attitude you see everywhere, people fueled by negativety. Which quickly rubs off on you as you take increased pleasure at beating the cheating bastards.

Ha, thought I was going to take the moral high ground there didn’t you.

It’s a micrososm of life is online gaming.


4 thoughts on “Fuzzy Thinking”

  1. Next step >>Vigilantism, (not sure if that’s correct spelling!), Ha! ~It’s just a game!! ;-)

    Up your way tommorrow, cycling and wild camping around Glen Coe, My annual trip, can’t wait.

  2. Weather was great, all blue skies and fluffy clouds. No midges.
    This was our 8th trip, and I finally realised there might be some stuff round Loch Lomond for next year. We’re normally too busy driving past to take a proper look.

  3. Ah, good to hear. The weather is the decider of so many trips.

    Aye, get yourself around Loch Lomond, it’s too often damned by it’s new status as A Park, but it’s just s good as it was before.

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