Futo Pindobast

I love the anatomical drawings of Andreas Vesalius. It’s the humanity attached by simply using a pose or the briefest hint of a facial expression. 
They were a tool, a study aid, an accurate explantion of the unknown or the assumed, but they’re much more esoteric than that to my modern (ish) eyes. This one has pathos, a deep sadness and desparate despair, and also the demeanor of man from my part of the world leaning back in overacted disbelief saying “Aw man, gonnae gies a break?”

This is why humans will never rule the universe. All the other planets need to do is paint funny faces on their spaceships and we’ll all be going, “Aw, that’s cute” and “Doesn’t, that look like its…” BAM! The fleet’s nuked and the folks at home are in chains in the turnip mines for evermore.

11 thoughts on “Futo Pindobast”

  1. I thought it bad enough that I’m still sitting here past bedtime catching up on yer blog, as I seem to most evenings (Chinatown is on 5 and I made the mistake of starting to watch it …), but here I find you are posting stuff at the same late hour – it’s comforting in a way to know I’m not the only nutjob who never goes to bed the say day he got up.

  2. Last thing at night is the only time I have right now to write this nonsense :o)

    It is a good link that, the other stuff available on the main menmu page is great as well. The flea and the fly from Robert Hooke’s Micrographia would have given me nightmares as a child.

  3. It was all so fascinatingly intellectual – then “BAM!” – you had me in stitches with the “turnip mines”.

    Fascinating – I hesitate to ask how you came across it…

  4. It’s my mind I’m afraid, it’s like one of those flu capsules where one half is red and one half is yellow.
    The writing process is also the process of thought digestion where the two colours are merged and something new is produced. Sometimes a cure, sometimes indigestion.

    I think?

  5. Are you sure the skelly’s not saying “Aw sh*!, I just put that shovel blade through me foot!”
    I write at night too. I’m at my most imaginative after the sun’s gone down, and of course writing history’s just creative writing ;-)

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