Things don’t move fast enough for me. In the face of irrefutable evidence, common sense and the correct set of answers handed over in big bold print, some people still deny reality. “I like my way…”, “This works fine…”, “It’ll dae…”, no it won’t. Sorry, NO IT WON’T.

I watched a nature programme yesterday about the Congo. A chimpazee was breaking open some nuts with a log, the log was a bit unweildy so it halved it and carried on in a much better fashion. Apparently some people are unable to take the same obvious actions. I’m worried that evolution will have apes and humans passing each other as culturally we travel in the opposite directions in the millenia to come.

It’s not just my usual unnecessarily heavy outdoor kit ranting, it’s customers, people in the street, newspapers, telly programme makers, people who should know better. I’m fed up with ill informed opinion, laziness, excuses, obstinateness, pertinaciousness, wrongness and stupidity.

I believe totally in the potential of every one of us to be exceptional. At times, the effort of holding onto that belief does have the beads of sweat appearing on my brow though.

4 thoughts on “Frustration”

  1. In the words of the legendary Harry Enfield :
    Calm down our kid, calm down (pause while I do the actions).

    Chill out, have a little whisky and try not to breathe on the wean.

    By the way, you missed a few obvious types on your little rant above (is wrongness a real word by the way?):
    finecky, pernickity, procrastinators
    the blissfully ignorant
    those who state the bleeding obvious
    and those who don’t know when to stop :
    you know the kind that harp on when all reasonable people would have shut up, that ignore all hints, subtle or otherwise, that choose to use 500 words when 20 will do, that love the sound of their own voice – which reminds me, see that review you did of that green kagool …

    (I don’t deny reality, I just choose to ignore it sometimes)

  2. I was talking to the instructors at Plas Y Brenin last week about kit, etc. I’d already realised that my rucksack was unnecessarily fussy, and was wanting their opinion on their gear sponsor’s products*. They said that despite the feedback they give (less is more) the manufacturer says that the retail outlets want what one PYB instructor described as ‘Kensington High St accessories’, as that is the only way they can sell the stuff.

    So those using the kit everyday in the hills are less important to the manufacturers than the Regents Park dog walkers.

    *No names to pretect the guilty!

  3. That’s a familiar tale.

    I’m always dismayed when a good company is bought out or taken over. You just know it’ll never be the same. Products get ever flashier to catch the eye and make sure that the investment pays off for the new owners.
    Then there’s the inevitable lifestyle range…

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