From the mouths of children…

“Tiso rubbish. Transport Museum, Edie McCredie’s bus, okay thanks you”. Holly said it, not me. Not even the waterfall in the Tiso GOE held her interest today.
We slipped and slid our way back to the motor and headed to Glasgow’s rapidly emptying Transport Museum. There’s a new one being built by the Clyde and a lot of exhibits are in a limbo of transition and storage. Plenty people still in there, and the cafe was great. Well, you know me and food.
But, the original museum in the old tram depot on Albert Drive on the south side was still better. They had a huge train set, the cafe was decorated with wooden panels from First Class Victorian railway carriages, and the carpet had Caledonian Railway locomotives on it. I notice that some of that carpet got saved and made it into some of the current museum offices, nice to see there’s a soul in there somewhere and it’s not all just people doing a job.
Holly loves it in there and was distraught when we left. So the next plan was to get a wee sledge instead of dad’s improvised versions (the details of which shall remain a mystery), so we went to Cotswolds in Partick. No sledges and Holly got into a tent upstairs, made soup with a pot and a spork and refused to come out until “Granny phoned” and invited us over for tea. Extra bribery was provided in the form of a wind-up torch in the shape of a ladybird. A magic wee thing, and she spent the journey home shining it on the roof above her.
Great inversion today, I could tell from underneath it. I looked at some web and traffic-cams, the sun was shining on the snow covered mountains.
You know what? I have neither the energy or the motivation to pack and go and see it up close. It’s been nice this past week just doing nothing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do something. Or the day after that.

11 thoughts on “From the mouths of children…”

  1. Had a nice wee run up over the Humphrey and Greeny with a couple of mates today – can confirm that the clag soon gave way to blue sky and sunshine, made more interesting on the climb by the surreal bonus of seeing just the tops of the erskine bridge poking through. Trying to run through foot-deep soft snow in mudclaws was tough but worth it for the views.

  2. Ah, magic.
    I’ll head out over the next couple of days. Once the tin of Quality Street is finished… :o)

    I’m going to have to do some work as well. I’ve got invoices to give to customers before the VAT goes up again on Friday. Ach.

  3. It has been an odd week this week, almost everyone I know is either ill or just wants to chill out. The mountains have been covered in snow and the skies blue for a week yet everyone works so hard all year, the chance to have a few days in the hills has turned into a well deserved relaxing do nothing break from the tiresome norm for most.

  4. post work/shopping/xmas letheragy combined with a self inflicted chocolate hangover are common this time of year

  5. I’ll go out once I’ve worked my way thru’ Fringe Season 1. Tomorrow maybe. Or the next day.

    Ah. The postie just gave me a Snowclaw. Damn!

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