Free Inside

I’ve been watching some classic proper Doctor Who on the SciFi channel today. I still think of Peter Davison as the new Doctor.

When she’s a wee bit bigger, I wonder if Holly will find something like the Doctor Who cards I collected from Weetabix packets in 1975 (Mr Dalek to the left) to collect and get all excited about. Probably not where kids are at these days, or is it?

I should know this stuff, where’s the manual…

6 thoughts on “Free Inside”

  1. Unlikely,

    It seems that there’s a growing trend to only adorn the absolutely worst shite a kid could eat with natty extras. If you buy Coco Pops or effing packets of crisps, there will be plenty of trinketry.

    Not so with something as pedestrian as Weetabix. I think they should make all the labels that go on apples / bananas / boxes of blueberries / strawberries be the new Golden Ticket of kids dreams.

    Ooh. An kale.

    Ooh ooh. And broccoli.

  2. Kale. My cousins kids don’t even know what Kale is. One of them is 16. Yoof of today. Kale, poached chicken breast with a sprinklin’ of paprika, white cannellini beans fried with chorizo. Yummy.

  3. Petesy, you’d be surprised how cool the Dr is these days. My 6 year old loves Dr Who. Took him and his best pal camping up to Loch Lomond last week, and at bedtime as he was putting on his Dr Who pyjamas, I had a laugh to myself as his pal was in awe of how cool they were, and how ‘rubbish’ his mum was as he only had Fireman Sam pyjamas.

    Anyway we had a great wee jaunt up Conic Hill, and the boys are keen for more of the same.

  4. You can’t get decent ‘free gifts’ in Weetabix packets though, cos there’s no room. You need something like Corn Flakes or Coco Pops for a more 3-d gift.
    One of the lads in my hall of residence lived on Coco Pops for his whole first term at uni. Probably had scurvy by Christmas….

  5. Doctor Who pyjamas, alright! I do actually have a dalek t-shirt at the moment in 70s brown :o)
    Conic hill is great, you get such a good view as it’s really the line of the highland boundary fault and to the south is flat and to the north is mountains.
    Last time I was on it was on the West Highland Way, struggling into my waterproofs when I just wanted to lie down and sleep.

    Kate, Coco Pops and bananana, a favourite in this house!

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