I loved Tom Baker’s first three years as the Doctor, I think it helped make me the man I am today (stopped me becoming the man I should’ve been?) and many of the characters in there still lurk in my mind.
Revenge of the Cybermen was the spray-can-silver boys only appearance in the 70’s and they are my Cybermen because of that. By the time Peter Davison had them in the eighties I could see through it all, aye it was still fun but so were music and girls. More so I’m happy to report.
Watching it now, the black-eared Cyberleader standing there with hands-on-hips, bellowing orders like a cliched Kriegsmarine captain from a wartime movie is kinda funny, and his henchmen tentatively fumble about the set (and the Wookie Hole caves at some points) hoping not to fall over as none of them could see a bloody thing in those helmets. Still, enthralled and terrified me as a child and I shall love it forever.
Once again, your childhood is for sale at Forbidden Planet. Box-set of three with a Cybermat for good measure, and that bloody thing haunted me for many nights I’ll tell you. In the 70’s, not since they box-set arrived.

8 thoughts on “Fragmentised?!”

  1. I was going to say something, but it took me so long to figure out I had to register for the site to post comments I’ve almost forgotten… What was it…

    Oh yeah. Great to see you posting about Doctor Who and the Baker years! I just missed the original airings, and had to make do with the “novels” and the last season of Baker. You make me want to buy a ticket to London and visit Forbidden Planet!

  2. R MacE, you brealise syaing that you’ve just pointed out that in the 70’s even wetsuits had flared trousers.

    Hi redwedge! Doctor Who does come up on here now and again, I think there’s a Zygon on here somewhere as well.
    I loved the old Target books, they’re still in my folks attic, I wonder what I’d make of them these days?!

    Now regarding the signing-in thing, it’s worth explaining that as it hasn’t come up for a while.
    Most of the blogs I read have make me fill in name/URL then it will ask write down this nonsense phrase “to be sure” if I want to comment, so 99% of the time I give up. So for here I went for sign-in once, pick your own password and then the only button you press is “Submit” unless you delete your cookies then you have to sign in again.
    It’s the format that annoys me the least on other sites so that’s why it’s here :o)

  3. Cybermen were scary. All the Doctor Who monsters were scary when I was 8.

    Then again, they still are!

  4. Sarah Jane with the spider on her back was one that haunted me too.
    A generation shaped by the BBC’s budgetary restrictions.

  5. He is indeed, and the only one that’s ever come close was Julian Bleach in the recent one, Stolen Earth I think?
    Genesis is brilliant.

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