Four years old. I should probably think about blog stats at a time like this, so let’s see.
Four years and I’m still doing this and haven’t got bored, that’s a statistic that is something of a control question in the survey of my life. I’m a faddy bastard, I like lots of stuff to the exclusion of none, but that’s probably why this is still up, had it just been an outdoors blog I’d have absent mindedly left it in the back of a taxi ages ago.
As it is, this place has become something of a crutch to my ailing faculties, a fridge door for the Post-It notes of the ups, downs and irrelevancies of my life. All my favourite stuff is one here but only some of the sorrow, I don’t mind if some of that slips away.
I know how many folk have shared a moment with me on here over the years and whether you looked for a minute and never came back, commented and stayed for a while or just flew straight off having been annoyed, I’m awfy glad you were here.

Below is one of the first things I ever posted, a vision of total joy in the Kilpatricks. I wonder what I’ll be posting in another four years?
It’ll have the same grinning bearded bastard in the photies whatever. He’ll just need more than 10 seconds on the timer to get into shot as fatness creeps up and the knees give way.

20 thoughts on “Four”

  1. many happy returns petesy! delighted to have discovered your blog couple of months back. not being a purely ‘outdoor’ blog is part of its charm, though its your exceptional trip reports that I always set aside a few quiet minutes to savour. keep it up!

  2. many happy returns petesy! delighted to have discovered your blog couple of months back. not being a purely ‘outdoor’ blog is part of its charm, though its your exceptional trip reports that I always set aside a few quiet minutes to savour. keep it up!

  3. many happy returns petesy! delighted to have discovered your blog couple of months back. not being a purely ‘outdoor’ blog is part of its charm, though its your exceptional trip reports that I always set aside a few quiet minutes to savour. keep it up!

  4. Petesy, gutted to have missed the last 4 years. But I’ve been picking my way through the site and all I’ve found is good things. Seen some of your stuff in Trail not realising there was more to be found.

    Glad to have found your site, following you on twitter to make sure I don’t miss anymore. Keep it up, I’m along for the journey.

    Slanj, Davy (@DavyWA)

  5. My favourite posts have got to be “Things that bend ” 1 and 2 and your WHW in 3 days reports….then there’s the guitar related ones, food related ones , common sense ones ,proud dad ones ,grumpy auld git ones…..I’ll stop there. No I also liked your stories bringing in the new year and Sci Fi related ones. I’ll stop now that you’re suitably embarrassed.
    How’d you squeeze all that into 4 years ?

  6. Folks, that’s some very kind words. Bless you.

    Feepole, I know the trip stuff has been scarce recently as I’ve been so busy, but there’s one coming up soon that I’m really looking forward to and I’m watching for the perfect weather window to go :o)

    Davy, you’re brave for delving back through these pages, it’s a mass of bad spelling, poor grammar and photies done on a ten second timer!
    Glad you found me, thanks for signing in.

    Pat, you are wise and kind. I forget a lot of the stuff I do and it’s funny that you mention the new year stories, I was planning one last week. I think I’ll have to let the year end first though before I get too decided, it may yet change course.

    The photies? Straight back at you there.

    Thanks folks. I was worried after posting this that it was a little like navel gazing, but what the hell :o)

  7. Chewy, there will be a meet before the end of the year. I’m making damn sure I can follow through with any dates. I’ve got too much previous for screwing stuff up :o)

  8. Happy B’day Pete’sblog. I’ve enjoyed it all apart from gear reports: I *hate* gear reports… However, if there has to be gear reports, then this is a pretty good place to find them and I have found gear on here that I now treasure & adore.


    Perhaps I’ll continue reading the gear reports then…


    I have found your overnighters inspirational with stunning photography and a thought provoking commentary.

    And yes, I was with you on some of the sad stuff too; it often struck a chord.

    Another four years, please Pete.

  9. Happy Birthday

    Really hope you are still blogging in four years time and blogging whatever you fell like blogging about! That is what it is all about!

    Too many people talking sh1t online a the moment by about what bloggers should or shouldn’t blog about.

    Love that your blog has such great peronsality!

    Happy online birthday Pete :-)

  10. Happy birthday … but you’ll have to chase harder to catch me.

    For the photies … who cares about 10 second timers. Discover the world of remote triggers. You’ll be able to do an entire walk before getting THAT photie (assuming no-one half-inches the snapper).

    And as for falling to bits, I still feel my knees after the trail from Inchnadamph to Conival and BMA, just to have my head hidden in the clouds.

    Keep it coming

  11. “I’ve got too much previous for screwing stuff up :o)”

    Apart from keeping this place up and running!
    I’d just like to echo the sentiments above i.e. well done you. Anyway, here’s to another many years out and about. You never know we might actually all bump into one another at some point out in the real world…

  12. Keep up the great work mate. Is it 4 years, kin hell, where’s that gone. I will be forever greatful for the introduction to Haglofs and being significantly poorer for it. lol. The fact that old metal is still talked about(and played by yourself). I echo the comments on top reviews, banter and pics. Also if you google gear reviews you pop up a lot near the top of it. So there are probably a lot more people who visit here who just don’t post. I do that with a few sites but this is still in my top 3.

  13. Well you appear, for most of the time, to be a happy little blogger…….that’s spelt BLOGGER…….I think.

    Yep lifes got its ups and downs but you don’t harp on the downs & so the words & the photies cheer me up. Keep it comin.

    Only one gripe….it’s a pity really that you’re a west coaster otherwise it would really be the best…….;o)Only jokin…..honest guv or should that be M8:o)

  14. It’s like this – purple, metal, dr who, action man, family, hills, facial hair, mates, the building trade.

    Mind if I put my name to this blog? ;-)

    Good shout on the meet, No plans all of Dec and Nov except a trip to Scotland at some point. Would be good to tie it in, especially if there’s early snow.

  15. Ach, you folks are awfy nice.

    I suppose blogs are like the hut where you have your tea on a building site, it’s all in there, every topic under the sun all at the same time.
    Some blokes will only talk about tits and fitba’, some will surprise you with a comment on a book they read when they don’t look the type, some will show you the same family photies at any opportunity, some will have a left field interest that no one shares that they’ll still try to wedge into the conversation at any time and then there’s the general banter of the day, the real stuff without any agenda that makes us, I dunno, people?

    I think blogs are brilliant and their current popularity shows that we all have a desire to remember what the hell we’ve been doing with our lives, to communicate, to share, to learn and to express ourselves without giving a shit.

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