Trail moved to their new house this week. I like the look, but the functionlity needs tweaked. It’s getting better and they’re working on it. The regulars are drifting back in.

I was surprised at the visciousness of some of the attacks on the people involved in the revamp. I’m assuming that many folk don’t realise that participation is optional and feared that they would have to use the forum for all time against their will or something…

OM as a whole takes great delight in Trail tripping up. I still don’t know why, I must have missed the newsletter with the reason in it.

It’s on all the forums this streak of negativety. I haven’t been on for a year or more for that reason.

Too many disgruntled people out there trying to infect us all with their own misery.


22 thoughts on “Forums”

  1. Aye.

    A recent spate of sniping moved even I to comment – but it wasn’t Trail vs. OM related.

    Off topic, have you noticed the “contrast in styles” between the two most recent pictures you’ve posted? It’s rather intersetting.

  2. Yeah,the new layout on the trail forum is a little confusing to say the least,having never been what you might call a prolific poster I did occasionally feel the urge to express my humble opinions.I realise that there might be a few teething problems with the layout etc. but there seems to be a large number of people on there throwing all their toys out of their prams.
    Its only a forum after all and I’m sure that in time everyone will get used to it once all the initial hoohah dies down.Just checked out the OM forum for the first time today and was impressed,may even sign myself up for it.

  3. OM is the #1, there’s a huge amount of great folks there with a lot of knowledge. But with that come a lot of arseholes as well, being able easily manage the inevitable run-ins make life there plain sailing and quite enjoyable.
    There news items can be a bit behind the times, the editorial direction is certainly not unbiased, but I’m still on there just about very day.
    One thing though, the enthusiasm and joy for the outdoors that I felt when I came to the Trail forums doesn’t exist on OM, we’re a cynical old bunch there.

    I wonder if the new Trail/CW site was set up as a direct competitor to OM? The new expanded content suggest it will be, whether by design or not.
    It’ll be interesting to se where that goes.

  4. The new Trail forum would be brilliant for a simple website or blog. It’s problem is a design such as that makes content handling super tough. The more content a site has, the more simple it needs to be.

    Also, I’m guessing 8 years between the photies.

  5. Oh, you know that might not be far off. That was Nevis in June in the budgie green and the yellow and black coordinated outfit takes me back to the late 90s. I’m not entirely sure where that is in the photie either. Could be Loch Leven below, the Mamores maybe?
    Damn these unmarked piles of photies.

  6. I’m going to stick some Photies on Trail tomorrow. Guy sent me a message earlier saying they’re altering the terms and conditions so that EMAP don’t take ownership of your photies.

    That really worried me when I read the Ts&Cs, I took the ones that I’d submitted earlier straight back off.

    I actually had a few set aside for the “Guess the hill” pages, but the new format makes it awkward. I hope they can sort that so you can see the photie on the page, it was such a vital part of the forum.

    Hmmm, I’m 66.6% certain it is the Mamores you know, I’ll away and look for the unshrunk version….

  7. Folk get upset a wee bit because they go there to chat to their pals and enjoy themselves. Imagine if your favourite pub fitted a jukebox. You don’t *have* to go there. It’s entirely voluntary. No need to get annoyed about it. Aye, right. ;O]

    As for the OM v Trail thing, surely you’ve noticed that folk in groups identify with their group and tend to no’ be all that pally with other groups. I know it’s a pain in the arse but it’s no’ exactly mystifying. Tribalism must have had evolutionary advantages and we’ve yet to drop the habit.

  8. I suppose it’s a personal quirk that gives me that view point really. I’ve never really been tribal, an integral part of any group as such (never been to a football match even). And don’t care for or recognise such constraints upon my social intercourse.
    I like my banter from all over :o)

    In saying that, I’ve upset several people on Trail really badly.
    To the point that you can see them white knuckled and foamy mouthed at their monitors.

    Marvellous :o)

  9. Hi ptc*

    Finally got round to registering on your site. Excellent!

    Hope I haven’t upset too many folk with the OM thread I started – wish I hadn’t now – I was just a bit hacked off having just started posting there that they made such a hash of the re-launch!

    You going to be able to get out to do any hills over the festive period? Elaina’s working Hogmanay but hopefully will get out somewhere on the 1st or 2nd. Club planning to do Ben Challum on Sat 29th as well so might do that as well.

    btw I reckon the “yellow/black “photo is indeed Loch Leven from the Mamores.


  10. Hey Steve,

    You were spot on though, the forum was a mess. The aftermath seemed to get all out of proportion all on its own.

    Trail’s looking much better today.

    Give me a shout if you’re heading out and I’ll try and tag along. that would be good.
    This winter is looking much better than last year :o)


  11. Yes, it’s not looking too bad is it, it was good to walk in snow last week so early in the season, here’s hoping for more days like the one on the Aonachs a couple of years ago :-)

    RE: Getting out somewhere on the 1st or 2nd – sounds like the beginning of a plan – 2nd probably best for us as Elaina will probably be knackered after working Hogmanay. How early is stupid o’clock MJ?! I’m thinking 10.30am start…maybe 11am at latest. Any preference for venue?

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