ForceTen Nitro 200

The Nitro 200 is another unusual bit of kit for me to test, it’s a two-person tent and weighs in at 1900g.

For that I’m hoping for winter proof security on the tops, and with the Scottish designed fabrics and TBSPro tension band system and pitch-as-one format I should get it.
Tha attention to detail is there too, colour-coded poles, LineLok guy adjusters, patch repair kit and pole repair tube, inner pockets, and my personal favourite, old-school round inner door.

More once it’s got wet and dirty.

12 thoughts on “ForceTen Nitro 200”

  1. I have the F10 Nitro 100, they don’t make it anymore. Really well finished and kitted out with decent pegs and spares kit. Looks pretty durable too. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t have much headroom.

    Looking at the fabrics it would be very easy for Vango/F10 to make a really lightweight but fully specced tent that would be comparable with other stuff out there.

    I’m liking the look of the new Vango Apex 200, almost Phreeranger style and 1.6kg all in, should be able to knock that back a bit with some TN 5g ti skewers and a lightweight stuff sack.

  2. Vango F10 have made samples of cutting edge tents in the past of sub-kilo tents that never made it to production.
    I wonder if it’s because of how percieve their market position?
    The have the resources to give the other brands a fright, and I’m hoping the Heliums will prove to be heading in that direction.

    I’m looking forward to trying the Nitro, it’s been years since I’ve been in something with this much room in it!

  3. It’s a bugger isn’t it.
    There’s interest in the tents though the F10 links are getting clicked regularly, so folk are wanting them to be good I think.
    We should nudge them.

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