Force Ten Helium Superlite 100 & 200

Orange and black tents? I’ll try and ignore that joyous discovery for the moment, and look at the other stuff. In for test are the Force Ten Superlite 100 & 200 (still in its bag in the photie).

Much is said about the compromises made in many sub-kilo tents, space, strength, features, we just have to keep hoping that materials technology and design keep developing and improving the kit at the current pace.
These ForceTen Heliums are billed at just under and just over a kilo (exact weights later), but come with the TBS Pro – Tension Band System for wild weather security, properly waterproof fabrics, and no lack of features for use and livability, reflective detailing, inner pockets, repair kit and it pitches as one.
So what are we missing? Nothing is coming to mind right now I have to say.

The 100 will be the next tent I take out, so I’ll have more info shortly.

8 thoughts on “Force Ten Helium Superlite 100 & 200”

  1. Peter, I think the 200 might answer my previous question. I’ll keep an eye on this one… What is the retail price?

  2. I am going to be really intreged with this review. As i have been using a Helium 200 since last year. I am still undecided about this tent. Cant wait to hear your opinon on this one.



  3. Kiff, it’s £260. Which I think is either good or brilliant depending on how well the tent does on test.

    Frank, I found the last F10 tent I tested (for Trail about 18 months ago) to be a blend of inspiration and frustration. This looks to have addressed some of my issues, but time will tell I suppose.

  4. I’m keen to see what you make of this Helium 100. Being short in the legs the shorter tent and smaller stated pack size would suit my pack and I’m keen to know how it compares noise wise on a windy night, as well as how it takes a clout in the bad weather.

    I keep swinging between I want this or I want a laser, (though what will probably happen is that whichever I see come up first on the secondhand market at a price I can afford will be the one that gets bought).

  5. I’m taking out in the next few days Wull, so I’ll have some news. I do hope it is good.
    Although the pegs are getting ditched right away, they’re rubbish!

  6. I’m very interested to see what you make of it, too. I’ve had my Helium 200 out a bunch of times since I got it at the start of the year. I have to say overall I’m pretty pleased with it. Spent a night just before the weekend in 30mph winds on Eaglesham moor and I think the tension band system really made a difference to stability – it lasted all night no problem. Of course the noise was a different issue – I was crapping myself most of the night expecting it to achieve lift-off. The outer gets pressed into the inner pretty violently in high winds which I guess would affect how wet it gets inside – then again with that much breeze the inner dries in no time.

    The two complaints I have so far are, as you say, the pegs, which are wee diddy things, I’ve lost one already. Also the main pole is bloody hard to get into the eyelet – especially without breaking the pole. From what I’ve seen this is actually a problem a few other people have had, but to a far worse degree than me.

    All in all though, I love it, specially the orange inner, but I’m interested to see what someone who actually knows a bit about tents makes of it! (Or its lighter newer cousin)

    Then again, maybe ignorance is bliss.

  7. As a long time user of the Lsser series I’m well used to a tent rattling all night!
    Good info Sid, it’s stuff I’ll watch for on both models. I’m desperate to get out for an overnighter, there might be a gap in the weather on Wednesday night, so I might finally have something useful to say about one of the Heliums!

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