14 thoughts on “For those who may have missed it”

  1. Lucky you to get out to play in it

    I was watching its fast disappearance on the Erskine Bridge webcam :-(

  2. Surely with all your contacts one of these people must be able to produce a nice purple garment :-)

  3. I will be taken in the night by masked men if I mention names, but in a few months I’ll be seen with something purple and brand new.
    I can’t tell you how excited I am by this :o)

  4. Was on the save length !
    I boosted for the other side of town and headed for Eaglesham moor tracks.
    It was cold when the sun went down.

  5. There’s snow showers forecast on the tops in the Brecon Beacons the next few days :-)
    Then we get hit by that dirty big depression heading towards the UK :-(

  6. Promised snow did arrive – a bit sloppy where I was at about 450m, being a ‘body’ for SARDA doggies to find, but when I drove back past Merthyr, the ‘peaks’ (and they’re only a smidgeon under 3000ft!) were covered in the white stuff :-)

  7. That sounds like fun :o)

    The weather was wild today, snow sleet and patches of sunshine that soone disappeared. I just couldn’t face dealing with wet waterproofs, a dripping rucksack and muddy shoes when I got back. I threw the towel in and sat on the sofa distractedly strumming a guitar while watching various sci0fi reruns.
    Not a classic weekend by any means.

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