Football comes to the Lang Craigs

We had some messages from visitors that there were large groups of people drinking and shouting and that there was lots of smoke at the Lang Craigs on Sunday.

Some of the debris was picked up and bagged for pickup this morning before I did a sweep for damage. I found plenty. I could still smell the burning despite the heavy rain early on.

Apparently this was all due to football.

Don’t know quite how that works, but aye, thanks for that.

10 thoughts on “Football comes to the Lang Craigs”

  1. Very sad to see that particular problem, as you say, likely related to a football event.
    But it is also related to an underlying problem or problems.
    I am not a member of the society polis, but similar situations arise in the rural area where I stay.
    The roads in and out of the village are littered with stuff chucked out of cars or by folk out for walks.
    Local volunteers try to do a clean up, but a few days later? It’s like “Painting the Forth Bridge”.
    At least they found a solution for that problem, I don’t know what the solution is for the other.

    1. We were sent links to Facebook posts with photos of them lighting the flares etc, it was horrendous.

      I don’t know if we can cure this and all the other rise in nasty antisocial habits outdoors, it’s adults that’s doing it and can we reason with them?

      As much as I’ve always said the hills should be full of folk, lockdown has shown me that maybe that was a bit of a pipedream.
      Part of me wants lockdown to be over so we can get all the idiots who have discovered the outdoors back into shopping centres and pubs etc in their free time.

      I don’t think the environment can sustain this the way it is.

  2. Aye. Well. What else do you do when you don’t have any respect for anything or anyone? Drink, set fire to the countryside and give each other Covid. Obviously leave it for someone to clear up after you…
    I note on the BBC news website that “someone” has dumped 200 old car tyres beside the road near Strathcarron, at Attadale. Fly-tipping and general littering is unfortunately a growing issue and nowhere seems to be immune, from the bagged-up fast food containers thrown out of the car to the litter left in the hills. It’s a depressing thought but I think we’re probably looking at another year of certain groups of society littering and defecating over our beauty spots again.
    No idea what the answer is when there’s no respect for anything or anyone from the perpetrators

    1. Aye Ali, I don’t know what an answer is beyond the new outdoor fun seekers retreating back to where they used to play before lockdown forced them into the open air.

      The Lang Craigs has never been better and never been worse this past year. Families out together, kids playing, neds drinking, drugging and starting fires and three volunteer rangers shaking our heads powerless.

      It really is depressing, and I don’t think we can fix it, because it’s people that’s doing it and I just don’t see any sensible messages reaching the vast majority of them.

      Oh, how I would love to be far from it all, just for a day or two.

      1. I don’t think there’s any level of “education” that would get through to the people perpetrating this kind of destruction, they never will care

        I may sound like an old buffer but I blame the parents and the interweb, the former haven’t instilled any level of respect (just entitlement) in their spawn and the internet constantly advertises unspoilt and/or “unknown” areas or places for the masses to pollute with their presence. If I see another magazine or hear of another website advertising how people must visit “unspoiled and secret” Sandwood Bay I’ll scream.

        I’m with you on getting away from it all. Get that pink and purple Alpiniste packed and head off the minute you can.

        1. There’s many a time I have thought about stuff I wrote on here back in the day when I super busy, was I sending folk to quiet corners? I always reasoned that my readers knew their stuff though, leave no trace, take only photies.

          That pack is the basis of a lovely story that needs a proper trip and photies to finish. I can’t wait.
          It’s so damned photogenic.

          Btw, I think I have an ice axe with your name on it that’s been sitting in the office forever

          1. I’m with you pal; the people in your audience actually get what you’re about, know their stuff and would never consider acting like a yob – your conscience should be clear pal
            I have to admit to having a liking for the cerise/purple combination, I look forward to the story
            That’s great and very generous of you thanks, drop me a note via email when you’re ready to part with it and I’ll forward address etc, no hurry obviously
            Word from my mate in Kingussie is there’s more snow on the ‘gorms – I can’t wait either
            Stay safe and keep up the good work, despite the restrictions

            1. Saw some snow yesterday standing on the the very line of our council boundary. Brutal.
              Office return imminent, folk are starting to look for me, I better check my six months of mail…

  3. The Graham at the top of the glen we live in still has huge patches of snow on it and Lochnagar still has a fair covering but probably not the four feet we had last month!

    1. Could see some big streaks of snow yesterday on the Arrochar Alps and Ben Lomond. I think I’m going to have to accept that winter just wasn’t meant to be this time around.
      This year is going to be spend trying to get into a very good state of fitness for next winter.
      Got to lose the lockdown extra layer.

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