Fool Circle

Sunburned and a wee bit sleepy now.

The fine bookends to my week are holding in a lot of other content of rather mixed quality. I’m awfy glad I found such a lovely matching pair.

7 thoughts on “Fool Circle”

  1. Bless you, just good timing Pat. I went over to see if the fella in the shot and his misses wanted me to take a shot of them together and while I was there I took a couple of my own.
    They’ve got half a dozen similar shots to this on their camera that I took :o)

  2. Waiting see what happens with my shoulder before I camp again, not sleeping well as it is, no chance in a tent.
    Physio again today, we’ll see what the news is.

    Didn’t stop me having fun last week though :o)

  3. Physio says it’s feeling better than it did. And not to lift anything.
    Good luck with that.

    I did look at that, over two coffees and an all day breakfast. More soon :o)

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