Flying P

Friend and fequent face on these pages Phil, AKA Bobinson is right now starting on an adventure that really does live up the the essence of the word, he’s off on the Adidas Terrex as the capatain of Team Adventure Zone Scotland.

It’s the real deal this, it’s a round of the AR World Series and it’s 620km through the Central Highlands and Southern Cairgorms on foot, on wheels and by paddle over the next five days.
Phil is the fittest I’ve seen him and the team (including wee Heather who’s been on here a few times) has trained hard so they’re as ready as the could be. They’re well kitted out, they’re on home ground and I wish them a good mix of speed, luck and weather that’s just right for racing.

The race is live online and you can track the teams progress here, Team AZS is #36 in the entry list. Go guys!


Went out to see the team at the finish. They made up a huge ampount of time on the last day on the Tay and finished 16th overall.

There’s a story to this Flying V which I’ll come back to.

4 thoughts on “Flying P”

  1. Good luck to him! I’ve done a few Open Adventure AR’s (in the 5 hour series) OA are the ones who are behind the organisation of the AT but of course in this case Adidas put their name on it all ;)

  2. First off good luck to them.
    Secondly, I like the look of this. Must investigate further.

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