Flush the Fashion

I found a big file of photies from one of my old phones tonight. It’s all from years ago, and there’s a bunch of great stuff on there, there’s sad, there’s happy, bizarre, and stuff I just don’t remember anything about at all. Just what a pile of old photies should be really.

I now remember being stuck in an abandoned office block testing pipework with nothing but an almost-finished flip board and some pens to play with as we waited for something (or nothing) to happen. The results of which were clicked upon by whatever annoyingly unreliable Sony Ericsson I had at the time.
Not only had I forgotten all about the day in question, but also all about the original inspiration for the drawing below. It’s nice to have a wee reminder of both.

25 thoughts on “Flush the Fashion”

  1. That’s the final nail in the coffin, that has a wee brass plaque on the lid that reads, “TGO “Lighter” Column”.


  2. So you know we’re all now wondering what were the w.s.i.’s nos 1 to 12?
    How many were/are there in total?
    What number is – being seen on the top of a hill wearing nowt but a hat, vest and purple gloves?
    … and who else would photograph their own drawings?

  3. Das, they were going to be t-shirts for fastandlight.co.uk (I was working with Craig on the day in question), I’m not that obssessed :o)

    Poor stickman, always getting into scrapes…

  4. fastandlight.co.uk, I remember them, they sold some cool stuff, took the website down for update, said it would back soon, twitter update it would be back soon, told us several more time it will be back soon ;o) (does he read this site??)

  5. FnL suffered from having a mostly expensive specialist product range in times of financial upheaval!

    I don’t know if it will ever come back. Craig’s doing other stuff now, and short of “selling out” (as he would see it) and selling a bunch of uninspirational kit it would be very hard to build it back up again.

    I’m overdue catching up with him for a cuppa, I’ll him he’s not been forgotten!

  6. I hear what you are saying about FnL, damn shame though as Craig had some great gear with good service.

  7. It’s a shame when the little independent specialist goes, he rush shipped me a Haglofs Endurance, two days before I was heading to the Alps, then sourced me a new chest strap for said pack when the damn thing fell off and I never noticed. I liked the fact at least he was playing/using the gear, unlike 99% of the competitors who just stock and sell.

  8. Aye, Icebugs, Kahtoolas, Nemo tents, Adventure Medical Kits, he was there first.
    I’m getting all melancholy for the old days now!

  9. I got some of my favourite stuff via Craig; Villain, Montane Terras (Black), Prism 2.0, Camp Corsa & my first box of Honey Stingers with added freebies.

    He’s a good lad and I wish him well.

  10. I’ll tell him.

    Talking of the`Villain, I remember meeting the OMM rep with Craig and seeing the first black-version samples, we just knew that they were going to be a hit.
    The same rep had Montrail at the time (it was Beta in those days) and we never had a seizure when we saw the Namches.

    Happy days right enough.

  11. I like that picture. I like old photos and have been digging some out myself. On the socks thing – I have seen it done. Not me by the way. My mate years ago pitched up in the Lakes and it was cold. He had no gloves and to save weight no spare socks as well. To save his hands from turning to ice I lent him my spare socks as gloves and still think it is the most stupid idea going along with no rucksack liner to save weight and other classics like no spare clothing. All great till you fall in a river or it rains real hard for 48H in the Cairngorms. I reckon TGO has more dumb weight saving ideas than Trail. Another classic is strip maps. Great till you get lost in the mist and walk of the map as it is only covering a mile wide corridor. Lets have some more: lets get cold, lost, and be miserable when it all goes wrong weight saving ideas.

  12. I wonder Martin, did TGO put more folk off the notion of lightening up than they ever enthused?
    The socks for gloves incident still makes my shake my head (but kudos to Cameron writing about it, it would have so easy to miss that one it, but I don’t think not carrying gloves was something worth testing out…), but it’s catering mkore for obssessive geeks rather than than reasonable folk and the article ciovering mid-height boots that would do you until you deserved to wear trail shoes…
    It annoys the hell out of me that stuff.
    Being “Lightweight” is a hobby in itself, going to the hills with a lightweight pack is something different I think.

    Nitpicking pedantry there perhaps?!

  13. “Hear hear” you two :)

    How about the “I don’t carry a waterproof in summer – a TX-treated windproof is enough to cope with summer rain, and besides it doesn’t matter if I get wet” idea…? ;O)

    I wonder if the same people expound the “no spare clothes” idea, or maybe they never go out overnight… or in the wet!!

  14. “or maybe they never go out overnight…”

    You know, a lot of folk don’t. Looking at some of the community websites it’s still all about the peak bagging.
    I get the impression that folk often think that it’s a huge leap to camping rather than just a wee extension to a day’s hillwalking that just takes a little thought and planning.
    I think wild camping helps me make sense of how I approach the outdoors, when I day walk I carry next to nothing now. It’s great :o)

  15. I shudder at the safety line that seems to being blurred with some ideas banded around these days. I am not saying in kit we trust. More that having some dry spare kit could mean walking out the next morning where Hypothermi could mean not. Kit has a purpose and not having it means you might regret it.

  16. Having carried a down suit and two sleeping bags on the last two overnighters, I think that light weight and safety are easy to find. There’s no excuse for stupidity.
    Lightweight can easily become a contest for geeks, it becomes about how you do it, just like an obssessed climber, not about where you are.
    But that’s the same for any pastime, folk get involved to various degrees, some way more than others.

  17. I suppsose its about striking a balance !
    Taking the weight hit for a wee bit of comfort etc
    As my old mate Lofty Wiseman said “any fool can be unconfortable !”
    I think this shows up more in the winter too.

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