First Look: Aquagear Water Filtration Bottle; Haglöfs Kazoo Pants; LaSportiva Crosslites

Aye, summer is on it’s way. So this is some of the kit that’ll be getting a doing shortly.

The Aquagear bottle looks like the simplest and lightest way of tackling hydration anywhere. The spec is outstanding and it’s a pity I didn’t have it in time for the WHW. In Scotland the water is good and I never carry any water treatment stuff for trips in the mountains. But being below 300m in farmland the water is crap and this would have been handy. I’m off to the Lakes next week and no doubt it’ll be a welcome addition to the kitlist. All the info is right here.

The Haglöfs Kazoo pants are ultra light softshell pants for trekking, running and biking. They’re very soft and stretchy with a single rear pocket and a drawcorded elastic waist.

The ankles have zipped gussets which allow ventilation when you’re taking it easy and they cinch in the lower leg for fast moving, trips through the heather or for the bike section in a race.

There’s relective patches for road sections and for being seen by your chinas when haring down the hillside in the dark.

The new La Sportiva Crosslite’s are a very grippy and very light trail/ mountain running shoe. The fit is good, maybe slightly asymetric in shape. I’ll know more after some more miles in them if they really do suit my feet. The soles are outstanding, soft compound rubber and very well shaped lugs for grip in all conditions. There’s a nice wee stretch mesh cover over the laces to stop grit and mud getting in about your foot and getting the laces all sticky and frustrating the next time you put them on.

They remind me of my Montrail Highlanders a bit, same steadying heel counter and cup, flexible and dextrous forefoot.

12 thoughts on “First Look: Aquagear Water Filtration Bottle; Haglöfs Kazoo Pants; LaSportiva Crosslites”

  1. ‘Water,water everywhere nor any drop to drink.’ well thats what it seems sometimes down here in the beacons sometimes.Cant really drink directly from the streams on the hills around here,the problem is with the horses and sheep that roam freely.Fairly often you will see a dead sheep in one of the streams around here at well over 600m so some sort of filtration system would be a good idea for me.I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot lately.In the summer I take 2L on the hill with me…probably the heaviest single item in my pack.How many of us consider the weight of the liquid we carry when trying to keep the weight of a pack down? So I completely see the wisdom in using a bottle with a built in filter.never used one myself,so will be interesting to see your results.
    The haglofs pants…seen these in a few catalogues now,from the pictures they look a bit like a hybrid between conventional walking trousers and a tights…maybe not for me…they do look comfy though.
    Them trainers look a bit mad,the design takes quite a bit of getting used to.

  2. I’ve got a Katadyn filter bottle, very similar, perhaps a bit bulkier. I’m not keen on th e slow-ish flow rate and having to squeeze the bottle to get the liquid out, but it works well. My mrs got me a Steripen for xmas and I use that now instead of the Katadyn, just fill up my Camelback bottle and give it a stir while you continue walking, just as quick as the Katadyn but you can use the water with additives (e.g. your Nuun tabs) , but I need to sort out some kind of strainer to keep ‘lumpy water’ out :)

  3. On the Kazoo’s , I don’t want to seem cynical, but aren’t they just a £70 pair of tracksuit bottoms?

  4. I’ll still need to carry two bottles, one for Nuun and the Aquagear one. I’ve been so tempted by the Steripen in the past, for just that reason. I love my Camelbak bottle.
    The Aquagear does have a removable filter on the bottom where you fill it for catching bigger grit and twigs. The two ended operation is a winner.

    Taran, the Kazoos are “athletically” styled indeed. And the shoes are a mental football/ mountain bike-esque hybrid, as long as it all works it’ll be fine…

  5. The Kazoo’s do indeed look like a pair of techno trackies. I’m hoping the fabric has been weaved by angels or something because they’re definitely not over adorned with features for the money.
    The fit is great, but if they’re actually overpriced pish I’ll let youse know.

  6. I got a pair of the Haglofs Kazoo from Brighams, £60 and still quite pricey some would argue. But, from the usage I have given them so far, well worth it. Superlight fabric with a minimalist cut, great for fell runnng & mountain biking, the DWR is second to none… they will be my trusty partners this summer I feel.

  7. That Aquagear bottle looks interesting. The Ochils (my usual haunt) have an abundance of water but it’s sheep country. Last I time I went looking for a drink I found 3 dead sheep in the burn and several more close by, all in the space of 100m. It looked like a sheepy massacre.

    I’ve never filtered water up here but for £30 I could be tempted.

  8. I’m of the same mind. The Kilpatricks are sheep central and I always carry my water up there.

    For £30, you cannae really lose.

    woocheese, that’s good news about the Kazoos

  9. Hi PTC, you know anywhere around glasgow stocking the Crosslites so I can try em on? I’m finding I’m running more off road than on now and my saucony runner’s although great are pure p*sh for wet grass/mud.

    I’m still liking my TNF hedgehogs for hill walking but Im tempted to try something that with no liner and that I can run in also.

  10. I haven’t seen them anywhere. Footprints on Woodlands Road might be the best bet, after that Summits in Paisley.

    They’re turning out pretty good, the sole does grip frighteningly well in the soft stuff. Run 100m on tarmac and you’ll be down to the canvas though.

    Footprints might have Montrail Highlanders in as well, they’re worth a look too.

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