I am fifty today.

I had planned a serious post that spoke of my journey, my disappointments, my joy and more and I tried to take two photies to illustrate this in a very grand fashion.
The first would be serious and dour, the weight of the world and experience creasing my brow.
The second light and smiling, to show that I might win out after all and that I’m all about the joy of things, that would go at the end of the post.

As I struggled with the practical part of this, the camera on the tripod in the bathroom where the light is brightest including one tripod leg in the sink with me leaning over it from the front, faffing with the settings with no glasses on taking useless shot after useless shot on the timer I realised that this whole process kinda summed me up.

And that’s at fifty I’m actually no different than I’ve ever been.
So that’s what I think this is, the final photie I took, it’s me realising how ridiculous it all is, how ridiculous I am, and making my peace with it.

I’m saying blacking out the badly placed bathroom curtain is a metaphor.
A metaphor for what I don’t know yet, but my enthusiasm for whatever it is will be mighty. Onwards.


6 thoughts on “Fifty”

  1. well done – on the big 5-0. I’m 52 and – ach – the kids come first right enough, so less time in the hills. So out of puff quicker but appreciate the hill moments longer. And was it really 20 years ago when Outdoor was really ‘good’ ( discuss…)?

    1. Aye, my peak fitness may remain just a little out of reach.
      20 years ago the good old days? If I find an argument to that, I’ll get back to you…

  2. Just realised that it should have read “was it really 20 years ago when Outdoor MAGIC was really ‘good’ ”

    probably works either way, although nobody seems much interested in the ‘best two man tent’ tunnel/geodesic rammy these days… :-)

  3. Facebook and then instagram killed the old homes of discussion. The big general sites are empty and folk are in small groups on facebook or posting “reviews” on instagram that are basically just a photies.
    It’s odd how progress is now limiting the spread of knowledge.

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