This is what happens when I’m left to my own devices.
I reached into the fridge to pull the weekend from the back where it would have the best sell-by date, but it was completely stuck behind less appetising options, and I had to give up and take the cheese baguette near the front which meant I had to work in a dungeon boilerhouse on Saturday and dither on Sunday with the weather as we had a touch of thunder and then heavy rain. So no, not good for bivying.
Joycee was doing a moth-watch (it’s a work thing, I’m sure she doesn’t prefer moths being at home) ’til late on Friday night and with Holly being a little out of sorts and sleepy it gave me time to footer, and I played with this place. Like a monkey wearing mitts.
It went horribly wrong from the start, I really have very little idea what all the letters and shapes do when I look at the editing page, it’s trial and error, having the front page on another tab and refreshing it after every change to see if I’ve impoved or broken it.
So, having taken a longtime to edit a new theme, I stuck it up. It was too narrow, I couldn’t read the special vanishing print, the comments had huge avatars and it to be honest it just looked like the printing plate used for the front page of The Times some time in 1901.
I put the orginal look back, it felt like home, but you know, I’d had enough of it. I had to make changes.
This was even harder though, no amount of cuppas or doughnuts could help the hours pass any easier. I broke it several times, my favourite was the completely black page with just post titles visible. Minimalism at its finest.
But I eventually got it to where it is now, a little simpler, new colours (which will change from time to time now I know where to do it), I even added a translator thing with wee flags which will no doubt supply an amusingly inaccurate version of this nonsense to anyone who clicks on it.
For the first time in the 2 ½ years I’ve had this place, I’m not utterly terrified by the machinery inside. Okay, I’ve just changed the hubcaps and the bulbs, checked the oil, but I’ve finally taken ownership of it if you know what I mean?
Still doesn’t mean I’m interested in that stuff, I just want to drive it to the mountains.

8 thoughts on “#FF9900”

  1. Hehe, you had a taster of my world :) I’m a full time web developer, and I use WordPress and hex colour values an awful lot at work :)

    I thought that you might like the hex colour values of your Jetboil, they’re a combination of #2C0972, #29073F, #966ADB and #8A7DE2 :)

    If ye ever need any help with WP just give me a shout.

  2. As I once reminded a client… “when you get bored of it, the rest are just getting used to it!”

    … I’m a graphic designer btw

  3. Aye, when I switched the old theme back on, I realised that after 2 1/2 years I couldn’t face it anymore.

    Anyone who’s just found this place will be wondering what the hell’s happened !

  4. Whatever happened to those little ‘quizes’ we used to get in the central column? You know the sort of thing…

    “If you go into the hils without wearing big boots you will:
    a) have more fun
    b) get wet feet
    c) slip on yer erse
    d) die a painful, lonely, horrible death and be berated by the ‘authorities’ ”

    I liked those…. :O)

  5. Funny you should mention that, I put that very feature back up at the weekend and it did odd things to the page.
    I don’t know whether it’s not compatible with this version of WordPress or something.
    But, I installed a new version which will go up soon, featuring similar crap to before :o)

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