10 thoughts on “Fernando Von Arb”

  1. It’s a brilliant spot Martin, that whole coire area is in fact.
    I’ll have some more wee videos coming up and a write-up too.
    A interesting wee trip.

  2. Well that looks just great. Thank you for sharing.
    In 3 weeks I will go for my first solo trip – even though it might just be 15k outside of the town in the forrest; A weekend of solitude and a chance to run on trails instead of the pavement.

    I do not know how I will tackle being alone in the woods after dark but a first time for everything, right? :D

  3. Ha! I can identify with that “Lasagne!” Whenever I’m out solo I find I end up talking to myself a lot along those lines: “Oh, what have we got here, ah yes, curry, that’ll do nicely, magic… now how about a cuppa, that’d do the trick… lovely stuff” etc etc. In fact, I wonder if it counts as being alone, the amount of conversations I have with myself.

    This video makes me feel like even more of a numpty for bottling it when I saw the weather this weekend!

  4. Ooo, cannae wait to read this one. We were beaten off Am Bodach on Saturday. The idea of a wild camp seemed a pretty grim prospect when we wondered what you’d be up to.

    I need to get out in a tent again soon, it’s been way to long! In fact my new orangr bivvi just sits in the corner sulking about un-kept promises of high ridges and summits.

    Nowt wrong with talking to oneself…it’s what keeps me sane.

  5. Stefan, there is nothing quite like being away “from it all” on your own. You become comfortable with it, but you still have moments that remind you where you are that are a little unsettling, like when the rain stopped and the animal noises started!

    Sid, that lasagne was good, so was the iced apple lattice pastry and latte that followed it…
    I don’t know if it was a weekend to be out, I threw the dice on this trip and got an unexpected number as you’ll see!

    BBF, sorry I missed you guys!
    Camping you say? South Glen Shiel Ridge the next couple of weeks? When the weather is better…

  6. I now feel I have the equipment for this time of year now that PHD has delivered my goodies :-) Weather & timeframes permitting I should be free to join you if it be weekend assault :-)

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