Fear of a Tartan Planet

While I was being dive-bombed by grouse, stared at by horses, running around in the moonlight with my camera, feeding hordes of ducks and enjoying my new hat in the hills around Braemar a cheque fell on the doormat on Saturday morning.
I invoiced this customer in August, I am speechless. Like my old man said, I don’t mind mind working for my money but I shouldn’t be fighting for it. I mean, they even timed posting the cheque so that they’d have another couple of days enjoying my September’s wages as I won’t get to the bank until Monday.
Folk don’t seem to realise that paying self employed people isn’t handing over fun money to spend at the fair, it’s what we use to eat, clothe and shelter ourselves and our families as well as pay for the materials, fuel and time spent to fix your stuff. Bastards.
Anyway, they don’t have a hat like mine, so I’m the winner. Had a fine weekend, tent’s hanging up, washing machine and kettle are both on and odd as it may seem I’m actually at 2818ft in that shot below, the tammy’s at 2824ft of course.

6 thoughts on “Fear of a Tartan Planet”

  1. That’ll be the mast shed on Morrone, methinks.

    Did you get as far over as Carn Bhac/ Top of the Battery? Brilliant and rather under-rated walking country

  2. Know how you feel. Chasing August invoices, not the donning of gallous headwear.

    Any longer a wait for remuneration and you might have become Euan McTeagle (especially in that hat)

  3. Genius hat.

    I’m self employed and have the same problem (late payers not hat).

    I also have a penchant for them (bad hats not late payers)

  4. There is a a bit of McLashan from Absolutely about that look.

    Who, of course, once famously said about bunnets:

    “We were the first people to drop a bunnet right there…The Frasers of Geln Earf. The hat clan as they should be know if it wasb’t for the b*****d English!”

    Ah marvelous – I’m away off to look for the World cup draw sketch on You Tube

  5. It is indeed Morrone, well spotted David. A quick up and back from Braemar with a fun descent NW off the track, I’ll write it up ovre the next couple of days.
    I have the Absolutely box set, the comparison isn’t lost one me :o)
    I’ll tell you though, it’s warm bunnet is a tammy, you can wear it above the ears or pull it down like a beanie, I think we’ll be seeing more of it. Definitely a hat to be taken seriously!

    I have been to the bank and payed in the cheque. I don’t feel any relief, the annoyance is still simmering away. When you get held back like that you play eternal catchup, suppliers to be payed, other work delayed due to cashflow etc Still, on days like Monday last week where I just don’t show up because there’s an inversion it balances the stress a wee bit and you remember why you do it.

    Also, Joycee has pointed out that I have amassed a huge badass mountain beard as seen in the photie above and it has to go. Right now.

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