Fat, Fatter, Fattest

Three grown men in the woods (the headtorches from left to right are Bobinson, Das, Me) at 320m, sitting out of the rain and eating Banoffee Pie.
I’m starting to forget what the hills look like in daylight. I’ll tell you though, it was bloody cold tonight. I know because my thumbs went numb, it’s my own personal thermometer that. If my thumbs work then I can carry on regardless, if they perform tasks like two Mars Bars in Powerstretch then it’s time for retreat and a hot cuppa.

I was wearing the “World Lightest Boots” again, and although I had issues and a general ambivalance to the other Inov8 boots, these new Roclite’s are good. It’s a high top trail runner, not a boot at all. I’ll do something on them later on when the Trail piece is out there.

It cleared up as we traversed the top of the crags and the stars came out. It has to be a total pain for anybody out with me these days because since I got that new camera I carry it more and I’m more likely to use it as well. That’s because I’ve got at least a chance of getting some sort of a usable/saveable-by editing with extreme prejudice photie, whereas before I’d leave the camera in the pack and say “Ach, it’ll never turn out”.

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  1. Take all the photos you want, mate – especially when they turn out like that! – I, for one, was glad of the chance to lay down out the wind and rest my old bones.

    Even as I type, the body is stiffening – the old knees nearly didn’t make it up the stairs back to the flat – but the big goofy grin on my face aint going anywhere fast.

    Cheers for dragging me along guys!

  2. He strikes again with stunning photos. How does he do it?, will he share the secret settings only he knows. Great photos as always. How about a PTC photo article in Trail? Or even better for free on your blog.

  3. Surprisingly few tatters, considering – the knees ache a little and pop occasionally to remind me that they’re not used to such loads these days, but otherwise still grinning.


  4. Orion & canis major rising,always a lovely sight.

    I have found out my Olympus mju 720 waterproof compact camera in firework mode gives good low light results,low light photies are so Atmospheric.

    I put a link to your site into the British Bivvy Bagging group on facebook,hope thats ok.

  5. No problem at all ades.

    The knees are often the first thing to suffer Das, but coming off the couch like that and getting round no problem by headtorch, I’d say you’re looking good for more!

    Martin, you’re very kind indeed. Like ades says he does, I look a setting that suits, night portrait, night scenery or whatever and set a long exposure. I’m always so chuffed when it works.
    The top photie with us in it, I’m really pleased and surprised that it turned out like that. No editing at all other than shrinking it to fit the page.
    The chancer method sometimes works out :o)

    Some are a bit odd, here’s us at the lochside with an unexpected rainbow in front of us ?!


  6. Lovely shots again,i sorely want that camera,it’s actually gone up in price since i last checked :( Good job on the long exposures.Ptc, if you get to grips with the semi auto,aperture and shutter priority (or manual)modes the photos will turn out how you want them more often than not, rather than have the camera decides what it thinks are the correct settings. Of course you need to understand a little more about exposure. ‘Understanding exposure’ by Bryan Peterson is a brilliant book with some fantastic shots in, east to get to grips with and perfect for stepping up a league. You do great as it is ,don’t get me wrong, but i think you’d get a lot more satisfaction with a better keeper rate.

  7. Orion? I always though it was the Mousetrap Nebula…

    adi I’ve been working with the book and looking at the manual settings and I will get to grips with it because I’m really enjoying the camera and I want to try and get the best out of it.
    I’m always worried that I’ll cross an invisible line from taking photies while I’m out to going out to take photies. As a slightly obsessive type I have to keep myself in check!

  8. and older, don’t forget (as if) – I can live with that.

    Some folks might not realise, but bobinson is not actually as fat as he looks in his thumbnail image

    … and he’s got hair & everything

  9. Indeed. (time flies!)
    One trip around then was when we watched the filming of Harry Potter in Glen Nevis. Helicoptering scenery up to Steall to make it look more outdoorsy is still one of the oddest of things to see.

  10. Nice photies (I’m working my way back through your postings in semi-random order, in case you’re wondering!)

    I can’t tell whether having a camera that doesn’t take RAW is a blessing or a curse for you! Probably a blessing by the sounds of it… they only let you get away with even more than with JPEG – which means even more time spent editing! :)

  11. Ah, I do have RAW. At first I recorded in JPEG and RAW but I just couldn’t be arsed with the RAW editing and switched it back off again.
    See, I’m a born point and clicker!

  12. Oh! Sorry I probably knew that…

    Yes – good idea, leave it off :)

    The only reason I’m reading this at this time of night is because I’ve been playing with a bunch of images I needed to develop.

    There are better things to do in life!

  13. Aye, the hours can fly by as you adjust parameters one degree at a time. I’m either in the obsessive or the can’t be arsed camp as I am with most things depending on my mood.
    Shrink to blog size after an occasional quick colour or contrast fix sounds like a better plan!

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