Expect Delays

We’d been up town for a gad about, it was a cracking day, but long, and Holly was now tired and emotional. 
But now she was nodding off, the kettle had just clicked after boiling and I could see out of the window that the sky was gearing up for a repeat performance. 
The cuppa was gone fast, and so was I. The west/northbound half of the Erskine Bridge is shut for roadworks, and what a spot to view the evening sky from, and take the camera of course.
I stopped at a layby and ran up the tarmac to the middle of the bridge, arriving just as the sun dropped into the corner pocket. Glorious.
The river reflected the warmth of the sky as the air grew colder and I zipped up my jacket.
Standing in the gathering darkness high above the river I had nothing to say, for a moment or two, nothing to worry me and nothing to offer back but a grin.
Hey, and the looks I was getting from the other side of the bridge as I ran up and down…

5 thoughts on “Expect Delays”

  1. Great pics. I missed them skies tonight and last night. Hey you should see the looks I get when placing the ‘Wee thing’ in a shot for my side project.. they must think ‘look at that daftie’…

  2. Way too little opportunities to be stupid these days, but I do try my best ;-)

    Great photies :-)

    BTW – had fantastic sunset & sunrise on the Rannoch wander :D) Will get round to putting the last week’s exploits on the blog soon

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