Exit… Stage Left

Is that the time? Just away to see Rush at the SECC.
They’re on their Time Machine Tour which is a greatest hits tour of sorts, but better still they’re playing the whole of their Moving Pictures album from ’81. It’s probably my favourite Rush album, not a duff track on it and I am very excited indeed as they always play a blinder.
They’re one of the bands that I’ve loved all my life and still have the same enthusiasm to go and see them as they’ve always grown and changed and never seem to be going through the motions like so many of my favourites whom I gaze upon with despair from the back of the hall.
I may come back with a t-shirt if it goes well.

21 thoughts on “Exit… Stage Left”

  1. Hope you’re fit and healthy?

    It was great, the 3 hours of tunes, the lights, the pyro and the little funny movies they’d made.
    The t-shirt I liked was £30, so I got a programme instead. And a hotdog.

  2. Hotdogs are always good – hope the mustard and ketchup was free!

    Knee playing up today but they’ve definitely not fixed the cartilage, find out more a week tomorrow. Plans afoot for the welsh3000s again this year no matter what they say!

    Three hours eh? That’s a mean shift mate I’ll say and fair play to them. Was caning2112 the other week in the van and then I realised how old I am haha

  3. I saw em last year, or was it the year before that? Excellent live. The older bands still put on a tremendous show. I think some newer bands can learn a lot from em. £30 for a t-shirt only leaving the wallet lightweight eh. Some concert stuffs extortionate but thats where they make their dosh from now.

  4. Jeez chewy, does anybody ever get a knee done and it turns out well?!
    Tardis lady, an emotional moment that!

    A couple of years ago Coops aye, the played Glasgow then as well. Always good, so much much ability and so relaxed with it.

    I’ve had Moving Pictures on the iPod all day :o)

  5. Seems time is passing by faster than you think…
    Snakes & Arrows tour was over 3.5 years ago!

  6. Hi Petesy. Just stumbled on yer site in a desperate bid to renew all my old clanky kit. It’s excellent and has been a LOT of help. What’s more you like Rush! I was at that gig. Moving Pictures live was almost better than being in the hills – if only we could combine the two. How about a Rush “Bothy Tour” for 2012? Anyway thanks for all the reviews and advice. Cheers.

  7. I’d love to see Rush in a small venue, I’d always hoped they’d a do a warm-up gig in the Garage, but getting them doing an acoustic set in a bothy would be magic :o)

    Glad to hear some of these pages nonsense were useful!

  8. We breed them well in Canada. When I was in University, my buddy’s parents lived 3 doors down from the parents of Geddy Lee. It was strange to see him mowing their grass occasionally.

  9. Can’t believe that Snakes & Arrows tour was over 3 years ago. Wheres that gone. Still, trawling some old kit reviews on here for reference hits home on how long its been since you did them lol.

  10. Ingliston? Been there for a show once about 20 years ago, Clash of the Titans with Suicidal Tendancies, Megadeth and Slayer. Ah, when thrash was new and shiny…

  11. “Ah, when thrash was new and shiny”. Indeed. Back in the day I used to play in a band called Holocaust, the music press once described us as “a post apocolypse mutant Rush”. we weren’t very shiny though. I dunno, you look for a new tent and end up re-living yer youth.

  12. Now there’s a familiar name!

    Reliving my youth seems to be a regular occurance, I’m blaming it on current society recycling old trends and the like that spark my memory rather than me living increasingly in the past :o)

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