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I was flicking around the ‘net looking at bits and pieces, I fancied a new pot, a big one like my Optimus Terra Weekend, but lighter. The options aren’t that inspiring, most have short unisulated handles, which I am not keen to go back to, and the nice looking Tibetan pot with the long handles has been out of stock everywhere since 1978. I knew Backpackinglight.co.uk had taken on Evernew in the UK and as it turns they do a model the perfect size, with all the features that I wanted. 
But, I’ve also got a mag feature coming up later in the year, the premise of which really needs a change from my usual roaring gas stove, so after a chat with Bob about the burner side of things, not only have I bought myself the nice new pot that I was after, in for test I’ve got the Evernew stove system, some cookwear and also some of BackpackinglightUK’s accessories.
You know me, I like fast and easy, a cuppa in three minutes or my left eye starts twitching. So like getting a GPS in, this is the right thing for me to be doing, a different pace, unfamiliar methods and kit to get the brain working, all-new is all-good.

Above is the Titanium 900ml pot, I know it’s a good size for me as it’s pretty much what I use anyway. The wee deep lid is either good for you or it isn’t, me, I think it’s a handy wee thing, but the plastic coated handles are a must-have. The short handles that you get on most other cookwear just don’t come close. I reckon more folk don’t do it this way at the welding has to be better due the the leverage exerted on the join with a full pot, so rightly or wrongly, long handles say as much to me about a manufacturer as they do about my un-burnt fingers. The volume markings are handy, the lid is a nice fit, there’s no spout at one side to piss-off the corrie fisted and it really is light at 124g.
The quality of the titanium is something that Evernew are keen to point out, and there is truth in the spin. With material that thin (the pot and cookset flex easily in your hand) you have to have confidence in your material and your processes or you’re going to have a big pile of unsellable mishapes in your factory store.

The Titanium Solo Cook Set below is a great wee thing, coming in at 148g for the whole package. The 400ml mug slips onto the 750ml pot, the mug has insulated handles as does the pot, but where the mug sensibly has mug-shaped handles, they’re the long kind on the pot. The burner fits inside, with Trivet or DX stand, and this makes it a great compact system.
I like the idea of this, in some ways it takes me back to my single pot/no mug days of a few years ago in it’s pack size, but it’s the best of both worlds here as the mug is pretty much invisible.

Above is the Ultralight Titanium Alcohol Stove with the optional Titanium Trivet potstand already fitted. It’s simplicity itself, well made and light 36g and 15g respectively. I really am looking forward to setting this up on a summit somehere and seeing how I get on, the boil times on BackpackinglightUK look fine.

The Ultralight Titanium DX Stand below is an add-on or a stand-alone piece. You can use it as a stand/windshield for the burner which looks like giving good boil times or as a wood burner, as it has the grate and enough slots to stick in fuel. At 56g it’s another bit of unnoticability.
I think the Solo Cook Set will suit the burner in it’s various combos better that the 900ml pot due the the width and capacity, but I’ll try the various combinations and see what turns out best.

Bob also sent some cuttings of his Pot Cozy material and a Super Thin Windshield, both of which are rather nice and should help me get the best out of the Evernew kit.
I know I always bang on about faffy stuff, but I think this’ll be fine once I’ve done the intial admin on it all. It’s actually, I have to say, kinda good fun.
I had to go and buy meths (praise be for a GoOutdoors in Clydebank) and I got the wee Vargo bottle with the imperial measurements on it to take on the trail.
Ha, it’s purple. More of this stuff as we go.

26 thoughts on “Evernew Titanium”

  1. +1 vote for the extremely high quality of the Evernew stuff. I’ve got the pans cookset (1.3l and 0.9l pan) and the new burner.

    The dx stove combo looks very interesting but I’d be a little concerned about both the stability of the unit on anything but very flat ground and also the extent to which you get flare from it when in use – maybe not one for porch coooking?… I went for the titanium clikstand instead which, alongside the Evernew pans and burner, makes for a similarly superb lightweight system where everything barring the meths all fits into the smaller pan.

    A great thing about the clikstand, and I’m guessing this applies to the burner with trivet as well, is that you don’t need to wait for the burner to bloom before putting your pan on, you can just light the meths and go straightaway – reducing flare risk and fuel wastage. Dunno about the performance of this system in really grotty weather but for most things I’ve become a real convert to alcohol burners, particularly if you can double em up as solid fuel / wood stoves also…

  2. Another very satisfied Evernew pot owner here. The quality of the material and finish is top drawer, especially when compared to those Tibetan pots with their ill fitting lids, dodgy handles and the dirty finger-printed, dusty state they arrive in. I’m sure a lot of it is to do with the cold pressing that the Evernew pots are created with. I went for the Pasta Pots for their more mug-like handles (still big enough to prevent you from removing unsightly knuckle hair with flames) and the spout which is a joy to use and positioned opposite the handles so even those weird lefties can use it ;-)

    When I reviewed the DX Stove I was less impressed. Still beautifully made as well as very light and compact but I found it very thirsty in alcohol mode and fussy and slow when using wood. I’ve replaced it now with a titanium Four Dog LT1 which is a way better multi-fuel stove.

  3. Meths…….you will have me thinking about my mini trangia in a minute.

    It all looks very nice. But when you add up the cost of the stove, the trivet thing, the DX stand and the solo cookset it all adds up to something like £132.96

    I am sure i will be good to play with, but is it really worth all that compared to say a jet boil, or a pocket rocket and an Alpkit titanium mug? Especially in terms of faff

  4. See, this is all good info for me, my points of reference for this kind of cooking are 30 years old.
    The pots I think will become standard issue for most trips, the rest is an unknown!

  5. Chris, as you know faff is always on my agenda. I’ve been happily carrying the Jetboil this year, even on my last Kilpatricks wander, so I’m adjusted to that amount of easiness. I’ll just need to see how I get on here, it’ll be when I get to camp and want my dinner, that’ll be the test.
    Although, in a break with tradition I’m going to try the stove at home first :o)

  6. Really looking forward to hearing your take on the pros and cons of the whole system. Is there no pour spout on those pots?

    I get a typical burn time of about 3 minutes per 10ml of meths (Mangers is the Meths brand I look for). My cheapo minican alcohol stove takes 7-8 minutes to boil 700ml of cold water. You won’t be noticeably far off 3 mins for a quick brew, I bet.

    This type of burner has become my preferred overnight cooking option. Incredibly simple to use and really ultralight once you’re confident about the fuel amount. Only hassle is the simmering, so the cozy is a must have.

    While you’re doing the at home test, how about scrambled egg and bacon?!

  7. No spouts on the pots. But as my dad’s a left hander and uses a lot of my kit, I can’t really mark them down for that as a spout is either on the wrong side for someone or the awkward side opposite the handle.
    I have a theory though, a spout would most likely be added after the intial pressing, and the cold pressing method will probably push the titanium to the point where it would need heat treated to take any more work and all the othyer issue that would come with that. I couild be miles out though :o)
    Talking of spouts, the one on the Jetboil lid is genius and drip-free.

  8. The evernew pans have spouts and well-fitting enough lids that they stay put whilst your pouring… they stay on when the pans are upside down too (though not with stuff in!)

  9. oh – spouts on pans are at right-angles to handles as well – showing someone was using their bonce when designing them!

  10. I saw that, looks like the spouts on the pans are like the ones on an MSR kettle, crimped post-pressing. I’m still going with my theory as well then, the wider pan will take the extra working better than the tighter pots.
    Oh, I really want tp take one of the pots down the workshop and put a spout on it. I have all the stuff… :o)

    Good point about the lid fit, it’s the same on the pots. The tolerances seem to be very good.

  11. I’m suprised that meths is not your favorite fuel simply because of the colour! Oh, your widely mentioned iPOD is not purple is it?

  12. Evernew makes some splendid kit, but I waved off on their stove in favor of my years-old Trangia burner because it lacks the ability to be capped while still full of fuel. With the Trangia, you just put the cap back on and you’re ready to go and the other requires emptying. I know – just a slave to convenience…

  13. Am I in a minority for still prefering handle-less pans and a separate pot-grab? One plus, as a left-hander, is that the spout needn’t be on the wrong side :)

    The Evernew pans do look nice, but if I was thinking of going back to meths I think I’d just dig out my Trangia Mini burner and stand…. hmmm, perhaps next trip.

  14. Ant, my iPod is ice-blue, another favourite shade :o)

    Thinkerer, that’s the one thing that I’ve been thinking about, the fuel issue. I’ll just need to see how it goes, I’m more worried abouit running out and not getting a cuppa at the moment that how to deal with too much!

    Used to use grab-handle pots all the time Matt, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, especially for using with non canister based stoves where the handle is maybe more likely to get heated by a flame, and that’s probably why I’ve moved away from them.

  15. I got one of the DX stands in April when Bob first got them in and have messed around using it with a Trangia burner and a separate ali windshield when necessary.

    The main things I note are:
    1. The ali windshield significantly reduces boil times when there is anything more than a slight breeze but is quite bulky to pack (My windshield design pinches a few ideas off the Caldera cone; maybe I should have waited and got Bob’s trivet instead of the DX stand or try wrapping a bit of ali foil around the top windward edge of the DX stand like I have seen Bob do on one picture).
    2. The twig burning mode seems to lead to extremely slow boil times, tea that tastes like smoke and a heavy tar residue on pans that takes ages to clean (maybe wrong type of twigs / wood; I don’t know what I am doing).
    3. Bob seems to be able to light anything from 30 yards with his firesteel. I have no bother with gas stoves but my Scout model does not seem sparky enough to ignite meths (or I don’t know what I am doing).

    So, in summary all this new stuff is either good fun or frustrating, depending on your mood at the time.

    Any photos / feedback from anyone on the most compact and safe way of packing the meths bottle, optional ali windshield, DX stand, etc. I did notice from your photos ptc that the fuel bottle is higher than your new pots. I pack my fuel bottle, windshield, DX stand etc. inside a pop bottle with the top cut off. So if the meths leaks at least it is contained but it is bulky.

  16. Ti is a bitch to work and I guess at that thickness there’s little room for error. Wonder how much scrap they generate? I have the meths burner and DX stand and am greatly impressed with the workmanship. Flawless, solid spot welds, neat and tidy with no burs or nasty edges (I think tehye’ve got a man toching up at the end of the line).

    In the case of the burner my admiration stops at the workmanship though. It’s thristy (significantly so when compared to my other meths stoves) and it throws a wide and unruly flame. In fact used with the DX stand it does a great job of bringing the stand up to red hot. As a radiant heater it’s probably a winner but I’ve used more elegant meths stoves. Wouldn’t catch me using it in a porch. A windshield is a must if you want to have any chance of taming the beast. I suspect it’s actualy better suited to a wider pan. To be fair I’ve not tried teh burner outside of the DX stand. Perhaps its better suited to the trivet or even to a stand alon with the pot resting on teh inner burner ring? If you’re serious about revisiting meths burners I’d be inclined to start elswhere (like a whitebox stove-made from another mans garbage and the definition of simplicity).

  17. It’s a whole area in itself is the alcohol stove ‘branch’ of going ultralight.

    I make my own pop can stoves, so nobody would be admiring my workmanship. They work though and the only cost is for a smear of gasket weld/maker to seal. They are incredibly light.

    That 8 fl oz bottle *should* boil you about 7 x 700ml of water with about 30ml per burn – if you want a benchmark to compare with – for an efficient stove and setup.

    The gap between pan base and jets I’ve found is really important. That trivet looks about 25mm high (to bottom jets). The manufacturer might have found something unique but from my experience ~35ml gap will provide the best efficiency from the flame. I was thinking that the 2 storey design of jets looks to me like it might force out the lower set of jets. So Dave’s point about spread of flame is interesting. Whatever the stove design the windshield is also crucial.

    Anyway, have fun! I think Mangers brand of Meths is a deeper purple than others…

  18. Guys, this is fantastic stuff, I really appreciate all this info.
    I’ll fire it up this week at some point (it looks used as it’s Bob’s demo/video set), and I feel somewhat better prepared than I did when it arrived.
    Bless you!

  19. I too have the solo set, burner and trivit. Having played in the garden and an overnighter doing the Lochnagar 5, I can say they work excellent together.

    For those frugal ones out there, I’ve filed down each ends of the trivit by about 1mm. This allows the cup from the solo set to fit over the trivit and snuff out the flame. Wait a while before lifting the cup though – too quick and you’ll reignite. Once cooled, you can get any spare meths out with a pipette (look on eBay) or a medicine syringe (couple of grammes each) and put back in your fuel bottle.

    After my first trip, I’ve modified my shield somewhat. Its now two pieces of the lightweight foil from BPL that stow wrapped around the full height of of the 700ml pan but don’t foul the handles. The cup will snugly pass over the two sheets when you back it away. Once out, the two halves will naturally spring out and make a 360 windshield. The trick is not to make the shield too close to the burner – the reflected heat heats the fuel up and you lose you economy. The above configuration gives the same boil times as without a shield and uses the same amount of fuel.

    Hope it helps,

    PS Pete, Renfrew B&Q sell meths near the white spirit. Bit nearer than GO Outdoors. Just be sure to wear your best tramp outfit and best tramp beard.

  20. Great info Dale, glad the kit’s arrived too.
    I was out with the solo set tonight with a gas stove and canister, it’s just such a handy and light bit of kit.

    Looks for a file with alterations in mind…

  21. I’m full of tips (or something) this month…

    Wrap a single fuel tablet in kitchen foil as an emergency back up. Unwrap it, stuff the tin foil in the bottom of the Evernew burner, drop in the the tablet, light, stick on the trivit and boil. The tin foil stops the residue and tar finding its way into the double skin of the burner and gamming things up.

    Other than the wood burning mode, I think the trivit can do the same as the DX stand (and you can’t snuff out and save fuel in the DX stand).

  22. You can use the stove on its own but it blocks one row of jets making the boil time slower. Still that could be better for fuel ues. Meths is often about waiting, giving it enough time to boil. Some of the more efficient stove designs IIRC take a while to burn. The reason I don’t get on with meths is the fuel useage is unknown to me. I know how many days use I get out of a 100g can. I also know tricks like turning the burner down to improve efficiency of the gas use. Meths is a learning process all over again. Gets you thinking again.

  23. I’m the same, I know how many boils I’ll get from my gas.
    I do like the simplicity, it’s a different style to my usual camp cooking which is “Give me a cuppa right now!”

    I’ll have an update on the kit soon.

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