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People who drive cars with their mouths open concern me. I think it shows that they’re not coping with the concept and should have their licenses and car keys taken away.

Having just had a perfect day on Ben Nevis it transpires that I’m going back again to climb it by a different route. Will I camp on it this time?

I was wanting to spend around £2K on fire brick for a job we’ve got coming up and the stockist couldn’t speak to me as they were in a training meeting. Training for what? Drinking coffee and sitting on your fat arse while I got back to the office and find the same product on the internet? Yes.

Holly’s nursery parent’s meeting went well last night. You know that your child is being well looked after when the words you read and hear accurately descride the person you know and aren’t just standard responses. They’re good people at Holly’s nursery, Primary 1 will have a hard act to follow.

I’m #1 in the world, top of the leaderboards for racing imaginery muscle cars (for the time being anyway). It does make me rather more of a target that I was before, it’s almost impossible to finish a race now, so I’m playing the new frustratingly buggy Doctor Who game instead.
It could be that my dry race commentary via my bluetooth earpiece is winding folk up as well now I come to think about it.
Humourless bastards.

Used my new test binoculars to gaze at the moon last night. It was yellow and red with the craters on the bottom half sharply defined, brilliant. Can’t wait to sit at camp with these things.

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  1. You definitely get what you pay for with optics. In the SWT we had access to some scarey gear (the night vision goggles for badger stakeouts were my favourite). I always wondered how much difference there really was between £100 bins and £800 Leicas. Turns out it’s massive. I’ve used Eden 10 x 50s before and thought they were pretty damn good. I’d really like a quality monocular for camping/climbing trips but like a lot of other things I can never justify the cash.

  2. For years I carried a tiny monocular, but it generally lived in my pack’s lid pocket and rarely came out, so I jettisoned it.
    But about 15 months ago (ahead of trips to Nepal and Mull) I invested in some quality 8×20 mini binoculars and they’ve become a permanent feature on my hipbelt. They don’t get used every walk but they add so much that I wouldn’t leave them behind. Last weekend I was treated to displays from curlews, and lapwings trying to draw me away from their nests in the Peak District, and the week before presented a fantastic close encounter with a tawny owl in the oak woods above Llyn Padarn. Worth the weight without a doubt! :))

  3. Got a couple of monoculars from an old fella I did some work for, handy wee things.

    I keep thinking back to times I wish I’d had proper bins with me at camp, rutting stags in the coire below me, clear starry nights and also on Beinn Bhan earleir in the year, I’d love to know what the hell they were doing at that farm in the glen in the middle of the night.

    Anything that adds fun had to be worth the extra weight. I love me mini iPod speakers and an extra pastry ot two. Lightweight? It’s just making room for other stuff :o)

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