“Enough with these mountains dad…”

Holly looked worried, thinking that it was all snow capped peaks and technical fabrics in dad’s mind these days.

Dad assured her that all that stuff was no competition to his girl at all.

Happy again, she ignored dad once more and resumed eating the big daisy with the smiley face…

3 thoughts on ““Enough with these mountains dad…””

  1. Aaww,getting all paternal on us PTC ?! good to see the lil’un is doing well.

    The osprey talon arrived today.Seems like a very nice piece of kit,very well built,loads of clever features and a really comfy fit.Will report back with how it performs when I get some decent use out of it.Just ordered a source 2L bladder to use with it(very neat hydration pocket in the sack).
    No mountains for me this weekend though,musical commitments are keeping me off the hill.Some friends are coming over from Finland to do a show with us…so it’ll be a busy one!

  2. She is indeed ;o)

    Getting new kit never gets dull!
    I use a Source bladder as well, good kit. I’ve failed to burst one, and I’ve managed that with most other brands.

    Sounds like a very metal weekend, enjoy :o)

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