Last day of work yesterday except for unscheduled breakdowns.
Mine or customers.

Jimmy said something wise, “I don’t mind working for my money, but I sure as hell shouldn’t be fighting for it”.
My last action of the year was closing business with two customers. One visit found me sitting down for a cuppa and a bit of banter, and I left with a cheque and the knowledge that we were all happy with the outcome. Good people.
The other visit was bitching, tears and snotters. All the apparent friendliness from them, the careful compromise from both sides as we worked through the contract and the painstaking care we took to complete the installation was worth nothing when they realised that all the extra materials and labour used to get the job just how they wanted weren’t actually 20% Extra Free Inside!
I don’t often get caught out. In fact only once have I had a domestic customer find himself in a position of peril due to quibbling. Big companies I’ve always fought with, but you expect that as they’e all bastards and I price accordingly.

I’m particularly disappointed. I usually filter out trouble long before there’s a financial aspect to the situation, but these people turned out to be made of the same shit that usually just floats by me at a safe distance.

So, now I’m on holiday. This is exactly where I want and need to be. I’ll be hanging out with the girls and heading to the hills.
My batteries are flat. But not for long.

2 thoughts on “End.”

  1. Nothing worse than payment troubles. I empathise. My work is rapidly going south today too as these damn servers give me serious jip. A quick walk with the dog and it feels like you can almost see the snow melting on Stuc A’Chroin and Vorlich. Hope it snows again soon…

  2. I was by those two a couple of weeks back when they were spotlessly white and completely out of reach because I’ve been so busy.
    Bastard work spoiling my fun from all angles !!

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