24 thoughts on “Emergency Broadcast”

  1. Strawberry! Have to say I thought it’d be something a bit edgier than strawberry, I was hoping for butterscotch. Noble thing you’ve done there though PTC saving the rest of us from a confectionary disaster.

  2. I’d rather have the coffee ones back. Thanks for the warning. Shouldn’t this information be released as a Food Standards Agency Recall Notice?

  3. oh no thats terrible…id rather have the coffee ones that strawberry…..strawberry are always the last ones left when anyone buys boxes of chocolates so why would they want to do that!!

  4. It’s a new Coke thing I bet.

    This strawberry one is for a limited time only and by the end of it’s run everyone will have learnt to love coffee again and will welcome it back with open arms and a massive sales boost.

    Or something.

  5. It sounds as though they have taken the Revel roulette to another level. I could not face the risk, walk all day with thought of a tasty toffee and get that at dusk, I’d never sleep again… Sod the weight it’s going to have to be maltesers, planets and revels in a mixed bag just to improve my odds a bit.

  6. Let’s simplify things, moggy – any choc is fine by me :-)
    However, I’ve just started a revels boycott til ptc* published the ‘all clear’.

  7. chocolate with strawberry is just wrong, i dont think ive ever met anyone that likes that combo lol.

    anything with chilli is fine by me lol

  8. What’s wrong with you all? The strawberry chocs are always the first to go in my gob, followed by the choc oranges. CANNOT stand coffee flavoured chocs, they are the droppings from the devil’s rabbit sidekick. There are few things on earth more disgusting than Coffee Revels, even the shit that gets sprayed in your face when riding around the Lanarkshire country lanes tastes better than Coffee Revels. The only thing that is up close to tasting that minging is Marmite but thank god they wouldn’t dream of putting that in with chocolate.

    Anyone who doesn’t want the strawberry revels can put them in an envelope and send them this way!

    Good riddance to bad coffee chocolate!

  9. Hmmm…I must say I’m ambivalent when it comes to the merits of the coffee Revels.
    I do not miss the peanuts at all. I do miss when the flat ones came in their own packet and were called “Counters”.
    That was the 70’s though…

  10. I’m with bikingscot on this important issue – never liked the coffee ones, or the coconut for that matter – I like strawberry chocs, so I can’t wait to try them.

    Currently addicted to Raisin Poppets (4 boxes fur a pun in my local Spar)

  11. Now you’re talking – I’m sure I’m seen some somewhere recently – if it’s still out there, I’ll find some for your birthday.

  12. Agh!! Ugh!! That was disgusting! I was celebrating Friday night with a bag of Revels, having completely forgotten about ptc*’s public safety warning. I remembered as I was putting a round one in and of course it turned out to be strawberry. Ugh!!!

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