Eggs… Eeeggs… Eeeeeeeeeggss!!!

I was excited, the girl was excited then terrified and I missed about half of the dialogue. Still, the new companion made an unexpected first appearance as Dalek Girl, the regular daleks weren’t rubbish and ineffective, just a bit playfully cruel and manipulative.
I’ll play it back and see what I missed. But, I’m thinking it was good, I like this resetting the Doctor to being a man of mystery, Moffat’s fixing Doctor Who as much as he’s producing it.
Eggs… Eeeggs… Eeeeeeeeeggss… Exterminate!!!!!

Bloody hell, I’m like a wean all over again.


2 thoughts on “Eggs… Eeeggs… Eeeeeeeeeggss!!!”

  1. I’m thinking that nano cloud is worth keeping an eye out for in future episodes, especially since Amy has been exposed.Great start to the new series.

  2. Aye, is that maybe part of the Pond’s demise?
    I wonder if Dalek Girl will still be a dalek when she’s a companion? Maybe as a human hologram beamed from her chained up casing inside the Tardis, a bit like Rimmer from Red Dwarf.

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