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I’m packing for a press launch day type thing up on a hill on Friday and while looking at cuppas options, I don’t care what we’re testing, I need cuppas available at all times, this fine wee flask came up as a fine option, so it’s a good time for a quick review.

Normally this kind of thing gets branded up and lines shop shelves hoping to catch somebody that came in for an expensive jacket and is leaving without one but just has to have something anyway. But, Edelrid have put enough effort into their Vacuum Bottle to make it proper bit of kit.
I picked up this 500ml version on the DB Outdoor stand at KORS earlier in the year and the first thing I noticed is the reason I still like it, it has a grippy coating. It’s textured a bit like emery paper with a thin coat of gloss paint over it if that makes sense? It’s not abrasive, but is grippy wet or dry and it’s proving durable enough too, a couple of sincere enough scrapes haven’t taken the coating off.

It comes in at 326g which is a little lighter than Edelrid list which is nice. The wee cup has the same coating for cold hands and gloves to manage and then pourer/plug is a push-in type which works fine but long-term cleanliness inside its workings is something I’ll be keeping an eye on.
The white colour is really easy to spot, I’ve got no other kit that’s white so it sticks out in a tent, your pack or on a crowded shelf full of multicoloured flask and bottles.

Maybe flasks aren’t the most compelling bit of kit, but handy and practical for sure, especially when you just can’t be arsed with a stove.

5 thoughts on “Edelrid Vacuum Bottle”

  1. Although the stove usually still gets packed, I often ditch one of my 6ooml Siggs for a 500ml flask in winter. It fits fine in my bottle pockets and I can have instant hot Ribena on the move. Purple joy in a wee cup!

  2. “The white colour is really easy to spot” – Except on snow :-)

    I’ve had the 0.75L one for a few winters, I wish it could be lighter but a cup of hot tea sits so well when it’s really cold. I find it amazing that it keeps warm for so many hours in such cold… regarding the white on snow, it’s no joke I talk from experience :S

    So how is the weather behaving? One week to go!

  3. I have a flask like that, but without the sandpaper finish or the white, I suppose I’m saying that I have a flask that is similar with the same sort of pourer. Will say keeping it clean is easy as long as you only use water, although soaking it in milton often does the job to clean it of any residue.

  4. gfonso, you got mail :o)

    The milton thing did come to mind, I’ve got previous for letting flasks get manky.

    I’m so glad you guys regard cuppas as such vital kit as I do!

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