Edelrid Kiro Ti

Saw the Edelrid Kiro Ti at KORS earlier in the year and I’m pleased to have one in for test.
You know me, faff-free performance is a fun-friendly prerogative, and with Markill’s DNA running through it the Kiro Tis fits the bill.
Light, folds up small, but folds out big to support a wide pot base. The control is long enough to keep fingertips away from the flame, and the valve runs smooth. The machining and the finishing are neat, I like when lightweight still manages to feel sturdy. The legs fold in and out smoothly, when heat’s been applied a few times I hope to find the same result.
I like the cool green anodising on the control, looks different, which with so many stoves out there assembled from the similar parts is a good move.
It comes with a wee stuffsack and it’s heading straight into a fistfight with a whole stack of models of similar specs and varying prices.
More on this after the next trip.

6 thoughts on “Edelrid Kiro Ti”

  1. I’ve been using one for the last few months and it’s become my favourite stove. I only boil water though, and the Pocket Rocket type burner may not be so good for cooking ‘proper’ food. It also fits the Primus windshield perfectly (better than most Primus stoves in fact!)
    You can even pack it as flat as a folded Crux, as the burner head screws off quite easily.

  2. I know what yu mean, the smaller burners tend to ne more on/off in their output. Glad it’s been reliable,\nice to know that in advance!

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