Eddie versus the Haglöfs Micro Zip Hood

I’m going to catch up with some gear stuff. I decided to stop doing first-looks ages back as a later review was just the same words but different photies, but that’s meant that I have no idea where I am now. So there’ll be a mixed bag of recent and ancient over the next week or so.
Eddie? Other than it’s a cool action figure, or man doll as has been said, I though it was interesting that they’re painted him yellow to simulate the street light on the album cover of Iron Maiden’s Killers. Or daft. Anyway, he’s standing next to the keyboard to concentrate my mind on reviews, of which a wee quickie follows.

I got a loan of some preview kit last winter for a thing I was doing for something (?) and the Haglöfs Micro Zip Hood was in there. It’s cut from 100weight fleece with neat stretch panels at the wrists for glove management and watch access.
The hood is a simple pull-on which layers under a shell just nice and the light fabric does the same, soft shell might be the most popular midlayer but I still like a microfleece in winter cosier at camp and in a sleeping bag too.
The main zip is baffled and the zipped pockets are an improvement on the fingertip warmers on it’s predecessor the Juniper Hood, still wouldn’t hurt to move them up a few inches to completely clear a rucksack hip belt though.
The woman’s Q version was in at the same time and had the same slim but unrestrictive cut as the men’s, with all the same functionality and fabrics. There’s a cool retro buff/brown colour available and it’s a nice bit of kit, instant coziness with low bulk and a good weight at a whisper over 300g.
Should be in the shops by now.

5 thoughts on “Eddie versus the Haglöfs Micro Zip Hood”

  1. Hoods be praised!

    A worthy successor/adversary to the MH Shroud? Just goes to show there is still a place for well designed fleece in the wardrobe.

  2. Microfleece hoodies done well are a brilliant bit of kit.
    I like this new version, the fit is perfect for me, but the pockets still frustrate a little, the placement will work better on folk a different shape to me no doubt. The Shroud has a similar pocket placement, so it probably is just me.
    The Triton though had high angled pockets, with a tweaked hood it would have been perfect.

    I have another contender coming up this week.

  3. Microfleece hoodies are indeed the bog’s dollocks. But this one costs the best part of 80 notes, which is crrrrrrrrazy (as Noddy Holder might put it…er…at Christmas)

  4. Looks like the branded fleece hoodies are all heading that way where an own-brand fleece fabric sewn up as a hoody will be half that on the racks.
    It’s not stopping here either, I’ve got some 2012 price lists, I’d shop now.

    We’ll soon be hearing Noddy in every shop. I saw Christmas displays in too many shops today. MMMfffff.

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