5 thoughts on “Ecstasy of Gold”

  1. Good one, you can stand and yodel to that one. I like Sixty Seconds to What. From ‘For A Few Dollars More’. Which I do want playing at my funeral. By the way new to the site so saying hello too.

  2. Played it loud standing up……then laughed like a maniac. I did resist the urge to shout “Hey Gringo!” with a Mexican accent.

  3. Hello StevieW!

    I’ve been singing this tune for the past two days, and so has Brian who was with me. Don’t know if Glen Coe is quite spaghetti western country but it did fit the mood.

    Ahh Ahhhhhh, Ahhh Ahhhh, Ahhh Ahhhhh, Ahh AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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