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I’ve had my smartphone for a year and I’ve had a few close calls with it getting it wet, dropping it, freezing it, cooking it, killing the battery on day one of my Slioch trip earlier in the year where the alarm feebly and constantly sounded for two days…
Just sitting in my pocket or in a stuffsack hasn’t been entirely successful, so it was very good timing when some samples from E-Case arrived for review a few weeks back. Below is an eSeries 9 with my Sony Xperia inside which fits nice and the screen is still totally usable. Also on test is one for Joycee’s iPhone and one with a waterproof earphone socket for iPod joy at camp, I’ll come back to them all in a wee while.

The case has a welded construction with lanyard attachments cut through the textured material. There’s very clear windows front and rear and the closure is a SealLock, a rubber zipper type which you close by squeezing the two halves together. The seal is beefy and it does make the case waterproof, indeed a closed case takes a good amount of pressure when closed and doesn’t pop which is great for sealing out the weather buy also makes for good protection for my overpriced phone.

It’s been nice pulling my phone out of my pocket and finding it not drenched in condensation the past couple of weeks, so the E-Cases will be getting some mileage on them. More later.

2 thoughts on “E-Case First Look”

  1. I’ve just recently got one of these and I’ve been really impressed. I got the same sized one which will take my iPhone with an additional power sleeve to boost battery life. This combo gives me a good GPS and a camera in one package. It works well through the sleeve (even with gloves). Also, that ziplock seal is chunky yet easy to use. I’m not too confident taking pictures with it through the sleeve but it’s quick and easy to pop it out and back in again.

    It’ll also fit the iPhone in with a power monkey, so I can multi day with it.

    Brilliant kit.

  2. I like the closure, the chunkiness was confidence inducing.
    Good to hear you’ve had positive experiences, my phone feels safer all the time :o)

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